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15 Things You Didn’t Know About Opiria

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Opiria

In the aftermath of the Facebook scandal and the implementation of the European GDPR regulations — data protection has become a hot topic.
The current market offers no kind of compensation for your data, despite data brokerage being a 250 billion USD/year industry, however, all that is about to change: Opiria & PDATA have been created to change the old data brokerage paradigm, by MAKING YOU COUNT! Our global decentralized marketplace will let you earn money by selling your personal data.
We have assembled a few interesting facts about us — for you to peruse at your leisure:

1. Fortune 500 Customers

Many of Opiria’s existing customers are Fortune 500 companies such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, General Motors, Nissan, Intel, Procter & Gamble, and Freightliner, Unilever, and others.

2. Existing Company With Existing Revenue

Opiria already has a working product with existing revenue in 2017, giving it a considerable advantage over many would-be competitors in the field.

3. Passed a Due Diligence Audit With Flying Colours

New York-based advisory and research firm — StrategicCoin — conducted a 6-week intensive due diligence audit, and as a result made PDATA one of their ‘featured coins’, placing it in the top 5% of all tokens!

4. No Direct Competition

The V.I.S.T.A report outlined the fact that there is no direct competition to the Opiria platform, as no-one else in the field collects data from both the consumer directly AND through social media.

5. Opiria is the Platform, PDATA is the Token

Opiria is an existing consumer research platform that allows companies to send surveys to consumers and receive feedback on a number of different aspects — such as how they feel about a product, improvements that could be made, what is missing and so on.
PDATA is the currency for trading personal data on the Opiria platform. It is how companies will compensate consumers for their information.

6. Opiria’s Global Expansion is Already Underway

In its current incarnation, the Opiria platform has already attracted sales partners from 4 countries and has over 50 customers (including the previously mentioned Fortune 500 companies). There were 4000 consumers already using the app by the end of 2017- which is available on both Android and Apple.

7. We Recently Launched Our Platform in South East Asia

We made sure our attendance at the Asia Pacific ESOMAR Conference and Exhibition in Thailand would be one to remember — as we chose this event to formally launch the Opiria platform, with the assistance of our Malaysian partner, SDS Associates.

8. Seoul Played Host to the World Premiere of PDATA Reward

Our CEO, Dr. Christian Lange, recently attended the Bitgosu Meetup in Seoul, where he introduced a live audience of 600 people to the Opiria platform and PDATA token. This was the very first survey where respondents were rewarded with PDATA tokens.

9. The Patents Are Already Registered

Data collection is a crucial aspect of the Opiria platform, and as such, we have already registered patents for ‘Motion Capture’ and ‘Automated Eye Tracking Analysis’ — both belonging to our very own CEO, Dr. Christian Lange.

10. The Middleman is Eliminated

As a 250 billion USD/year industry that’s still growing fast, it really is no surprise that personal data has been referred to as ‘the oil of the 21st century’. It is a sad fact that many data brokers employ underhanded tactics to steal your data, and profit from it in the process. The objective of the PDATA token and the blockchain-based Opiria platform is to create a global, decentralized marketplace where companies can request personal data directly from consumers, without any middlemen, and compensate them with PDATA tokens.

11. The Consumer is Empowered and Protected

The main advantage of using blockchain integration on the platform is that it will give control of personal data back to the consumers — where it belongs. They will be able to choose what information they sell, and to which company; meanwhile, the platform will provide protection for both their anonymity and their personal data.

12. Consumers Are Incentivized with PDATA

As consumer awareness has grown, so too has their reluctance to disclose data — in some cases, people may even give false information; particularly on social media. However, the PDATA token aims to change this. Now companies will be able to compensate consumers with PDATA tokens — which can be exchanged for fiat. Not only that — the more PDATA tokens are held by a consumer, the more likely they are to receive requests from companies.
With our system, people will be a lot more willing to provide accurate information, since they are the ones in control.

13. Companies NEED Your Data

A major drawback to traditional methods of data collection is time. An average market study report can take around 4–6 weeks — in that time, public opinion can drastically change and companies could end up wasting several thousands of dollars on research that is hopelessly out of date. Worse yet, this can lead to failed product launches or advertising campaigns — potentially wasting millions of dollars. The Opiria platform, on the other hand, provides real-time responses, allowing results to be returned and analyzed 50 to 100 times faster — reducing consumer research costs by 95%.

14. We Bring GDPR Compliance to the Cryptospace

Europe’s GDPR requirements have been a topic that has gathered significant interest recently, as the new regulations came into force and a lot of companies were left scrambling, not quite sure how to react. Opiria was not one of them: not only did we have a section dedicated to GDPR in our whitepaper — we also published an article explaining in-depth what GDPR is and how our platform is complaint.

15. Currently in Main Sale

The Main Sale is live until July 14th, 2018. 1 PDATA Token = 0.1 USD. There is no minimum contribution and a bonus of 14% decreasing by 1% on a daily basis. If you want to participate, you will need to register here first, and then you can head on over to our website, click on the “Buy PDATA now” button to login and get access to the token sale information.

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