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What exactly is BIZAVEST?

What exactly is BIZAVEST?
Bizavest is a platform where startups, small businesses and even large canachieve efficient data implementationcapacity costs are relatively affordable. The platform will function as a social media network and will offer customized information based on what users need to know. This will save companies and individuals the trouble of finding usable information from the major data stores that can be found on the web.
The platform is an AI-driven data analysis platform and the goal is to build an affordable, effective, secure and intelligent business intelligence. The system is driven by artificial intelligence coupled with human nature skills and craftsmanship. The platform will strike a sustainable and effective balance between humans and machines and the two will work together to come up with valuable data that is valuable, effective, and affordable.
There are numerous data analytics and business intelligence gathering platforms. Know the advantage of Bizavest Analytics.
The Blockchain Advantage
Integrates blockchain technology to provide high level validation and security.
Cognitive Analytics
Bizavest Analytics is powered by intelligence that learns.
Revolutionary Intelligence Service
Using AI-Human interaction to provide disruptive business intelligence.
How it works
To start working with the project Bizavest incredibly simple. Initially, you need to go through a simple registration process to then access the main menu. There you must specify the type of service that is in demand for you. Artificial intelligence analyzes requests and provides relevant content for each of them - in the future, you will have to pay for Analytics services, using the internal currency of the project.
The quality of the data that can be found inside the Bizavest project is confirmed by the artificial intelligence system, as well as by experts in this segment. You will be able to personally verify the quality of the data received, only after that to make payment. Bizavest developers want to create really optimal conditions for their customers.
A Dapp that collects both structured and unstructured data from community members on the Bizavest Platform. This app will be designed to collect various forms of data from; simple survey data, climate data, location data, traffic data and so on
We are in the process of developing an AI-Human driven system where; analytics and insight generation is provided by AI, and actual consulting is provided by human ‘experts’
A next generation Blockchain where all processes are designed to work on a unique 'data-proof' system. On the Bizachain, it is not enough to merely 'work', because we prize data and information above all else, the chain will be built on the efficiency of data manipulation
What is Bizacoin?
Bizacoin is a standard ERC20 Token; a self-managing peer-to-peer data driven cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum Network; an open-source blockchain platform. Bizacoin Token is an electronic currency similar to Ether in that it is a store of financial value. The token will form the backing for financial transactions for acquiring data and getting paid for providing data over the Bizavest Platform. Bizacoin is intended to have a one-time limited supply of 100,000,000 Tokens.
When a business or individual wishes to use any of the services offered on the Bizavest Analytics Platform, they would be required to pay using Bizacoin.
Data feeders and consultants who work on the Bizavest Platform will also be paid in Bizacoin which they will be able to convert to Fiat or trade to other coins on exchanges.
Pre-ICO: June 12, 2018-12 July 2018
ICO phase: July 2018 – August 12, 2018
ICO phase: August 2018 – 10 SEPTEMBER 2018
Token ticker: BIZC
Token type: ERC20 (See contract on etherscan)
Quantity of supply: BIZC 100,000,000
Available for sale tokens: 45%
Receive currency: ETH
Token Price:
sale of pre round (1 Bizc = $ 0.1)
PreICO (1 Bizc = $ 0.25) ICO round: (1Bizc = $ 0.50)
Fundraising goals: USD 15 million
Softcap: 1 million USD
Bizc tokens are utility tokens that will be used on the Bizavest platform. Token based on Ethereum platform. You can join their whitelist on their website to be notified of sales.
Initial Token Distribution and Sale Proceed Allocation
Announcement / Launch
Create Token
Building Community
1/2018 Opening
Whitepaper release
Listed on the Bizacoin exchange
Main Event from ICO
Launch beta
5–12 / 2018
beta. Development of Blockchain
Q1 2019
Collaboration and Third Party Agreements
Q2 2019
Q3 2019
Full Service Launch
Meet The Amazing Bizavest Team
Rasheed Bello
Chief Strategist, Co-founder & Big Data Analyst
Wahaab Bello
Lead Content Developer
Olaoluwa Paul
Strategy & Partnerships
Akinbowale Akinwunmi
Jesse Essang
Head of Software Development & Full Stack Software Developer
Peter Adim
Full Stack Web Developer & Graphics Designer
Godswill Umukoro
Full Stack Web Developer
Lateeph Ibiyeye
E-Commerce Business Manager
Shylia Ward
Community Manager & Crypto-enthusiast & Theater Arts
Wahyu Djadmika
Community Manager & Crypto-enthusiast & Auditor
The Advisory Board
Filip Poutintsev
Gbenga Jayeoba
Adrian Sernero
Yusuf Olatunji AMOO

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