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Today, let us all learn and experience together all about PAVACOIN. If you don't know anything about them, don't run away, that's why I'm here, to change that within the next few minutes. Before I begin, I just want to quickly mention that I will be including LINKS so that YOU can do your own research or whatever you feel you need. I feel it's best to have all of the information in one place, in an organised manner, rather than dotted about the page making what you want hard to find or confusing. All these links will be put at the BOTTOM of this page to keep things easy.


PavoCoin (PAVO) is an Ethereum token that enables cannabis market participants (such as growers, producers, innovators, retailers, and service providers) in our network to accept digital payments from their customers and community members and used inside our network as a mean of payment. We have an end-to-end solution that uses Blockchain in two dimensions a) underlying technology for the Pavo coin cryptocurrency b) to secure data collected from sensors at the agricultural crop, all the way from the field or indoor farm, to our secure cloud computing platform. The Pavo team has vast experience building traditional monitoring systems for almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts for the European market. Our presentIoT solution for agriculture was developed in early 2017 and deployed later in the same year. This year, we’re launching the Pavo cryptocurrency based on the blockchain Ethereum ERC20 standard as the next step in developing the
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The Pavo Project


Farmers, and the agriculture industry as a whole, are only now fully transitioning to software-driven cultivation. Large numbers of farmers
practice cultivation techniques that are not well documented or subjected to scientific rigor. Recently introduced regulatory requirements
related to water consumption have forced famers to introduce basic record tracking and compliance capabilities provided by small, niche,
vendors. These “point solution” software providers lack any IoT, blockchain component or an equivalent to Pavo’s all-encompassing vision for
the future of the agriculture industry. Similarly, cultivation equipment providers are either not specialized in indoor farming, or, being providers
of only one type of product or service, such as lighting, cannot provide an integrated solution covering the multitude of sensors and the
hardware and software platform that Pavo can support. We see
demand for our value proposition from other sectors of agriculture both in the USA and in other geographical markets. Consequently, we plan
to transfer the proven Pavo solution first to other high-value crop sectors in the United States, and then to all agriculture sectors worldwide,
starting with Europe, where our team already has vast experience of implementing monitoring systems in agricultural businesses.

Pavo Technology


Pavo adding automation and environmental control («orchestration») features which
will allow us to not just collect information for use in operations, but to manage the entire cultivation operation from anywhere. This way,
growers won’t even have to go into the greenhouse to adjust the environment, as they will be able to do it from a distance through the same

Specifically, the existing Pavo IoT software platform helps the user:

• Record and monitor production practices in real time via the Pavo IoT gateway.
• Record, report, and analyze activities from planting to spray records to shipping.
• Track labor costs and productivity to optimize human resources and related costs.
• Easily measure and track the entire cultivation operation from anywhere.
Transparency of information makes it possible to elevate the trade process from questionable and inefficient personto-person interactions to a modern e-commerce form, where each grower will have a personal page with Pavo-certified products available for purchase, and buyers will be able to make purchases from their laptops or mobile phones. All transactions will be processed with smart contracts.

Elements of the model:

.Crop — information about the soil, water, nutrients, energy and plant material that reflects the grower’s livelihood.
.Sensors — sensors in the crop gather environmental data and send it through the Pavo IoT gateway, on the blockchain.
.Actuators — irrigation devices, temperature controls, and even physical access control devices may be controlled through the IoT gateway to
manage the crop.
.Edge Computing — distributed compute power ensures the solution scales for large operations.
Wide Area Network (WAN) and Low-Power WAN (LPWAN) — these communications technologies carry the data to the Pavo cloud-computing
platform that hosts the main application.
.IPFS — InterPlanetary File System technology provides a highly scalable, distributed data storage solution.
.REST API — use of standardized Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) enable integration with currently used niche or other solutions.
.DB Servers — database servers respond to end user interactions to view, manipulate and store data.
.Client — end users (i.e. farmers or growers) access the data through a web browser or smartphone app, where crop information is presented
and can be acted upon.

Pavo Coin Details

PavoCoin, or simply Pavo, is a functional usage coin that allows producers to accept digital payments from customers and community members.Pavo intends to be fully transparent in all its financial conduct and transactions. The controlled release of tokens will give Pavo projects and PavoCoin the opportunity to grow and increase
in influence based on merit and value creation. Escrowed funds and planned ecosystem industry projects will set Pavo apart from other tokengeneration events. 200,000,000 tokens will be issued by Pavo. There are currently no plans to generate additional tokens. The initial distribution of tokens will be through a series of offerings in different phases.


Crowdsale starts 08.07.2018
Crowdsale ends 09.15.2018
Initial price of token is USD $1
Presale bonus structure:
Purchase of USD-1,000– bonus of 27% through August
Purchase of USD 1,001-2,500– bonus of 30% through August 6
Purchase of USD 2,501 and up– bonus of 33% through August 6
08.07-08.18 — $1 + 25% bonus MAIN SALE PHASE
08.19-08.25 — $1 + 18% bonus MAIN SALE PHASE
08.26-09.01 — $1 + 11% bonus MAIN SALE PHASE
09.02-09.08 — $1 + 5% bonus MAIN SALE PHASE
09.09-09.15 — $1. No Bonus. MAIN SALE PHASE



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