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One of the most talked-about topics in the financial services industry today is blockchain and is the current biggest market disruptor. It was initially designed to facilitate, authorize, and log the transfer of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are digital money that use the blockchain technology to facilitate secure and anonymous transactions. The statistics as of today, show the market cap of crypto currencies at US $502,375,504,565 with block chain technology serving as its back bone. This combination is being further linked to various industries with an anticipation to revolutionize the traditional approach to businesses and reap benefits including cost reduction, faster settlements and increased transparency.


Spokkz is a new decentralized platform that performs the function of cryptocurrency exchange, combining the most advanced technological developments and the popular blockchain system that has proven itself as providing complete reliability and security. Cryptocurrency has literally revolutionized the international market as soon as it entered it, immediately attracting a lot of people, most of whom wanted to experience its advantages in practice. That is why projects based on cryptocurrency are now one of the most popular and have huge development prospects, as well as investments in the digital currency.

Furthermore, SPOKKZ is a utility token which is main fuel to SPOKKZ ecosystem. You can spend SPOKKZ to get subscription & get access the media which stream on SPOKKZ. By donating SPKKZ You can backed the project uploaded on SPOKKZ platform . If the project you backed made good profit then you will also get your share from profit. Also you can trade these token on other exchanges after listing.You can also spend SPOKKZ at partner stores.
The Problem
"Large studios with self serving agendas and their middlemen are imposing their choice of content on viewers and charging them exorbitantly for it. It’s time to challenge the status quo. This is exacerbated by distribution platforms being transactional with no room for community engagement."
The Solution
"SPOKKZ is letting the viewer decide what content works – and at what price by giving him / her access to a decentralised ecosystem and marketplace. By crowdfunding and helping promote movies & TV shows, viewer communities will join producers, content creators, distributors, stars and advertisers as equal stakeholders."
The Ecosystem - How it works
Private issuance of tokens
Users have to commit upfront for the content they wish to watch and may receive a discount using tokens. Incentives are also provided to funders if the content they pre-fund does well on other platforms.
Community engagement
Users receive rewards in the form of tokens for reviewing, rating and analyzing the content available on the platform. These rewards can later be converted to desired crypto or fiat currencies.
Viral reward token
Users are provided with incentives to share and view content and advertisements in a way that benefits even non-users of the platform.
Content Distribution rewards
The Spuul P2P protocol is used to enable content sharing between users and reward them for it and use tokens to increase the velocity of sharing.
Secure wallet
An ERC20 based wallet is integrated into Spuul’s existing wallet which provides links to exchanges that deal in SPOKKZ allowing users to trade easily.
The Stakeholders
Spuul uses key features of the blockchain to transfer rewards between users and share content optimally. The various stakeholders in the Spuul network are
Spuul's video application is the first dApp on the blockchain and already possesses a significant user network and revenue. A reward system is developed for all token users as an incentive to watch, share, like, write reviews of, comment and like the cast of, and suggest new content for Tv shows and movies. Once users collect tokens they can then be traded for fiat currencies on any ICO or exchange.
Content Creator
Spuul has developed a crowd-funded platform for video content that can also support licensing of certain content like sports from the funds earned through viewership. This funding is currently being done by Spuul itself. This allows Spuul to gain an equity in the content it promotes, building its intellectual property catalog.
Starpower determines viewership of content and Spuul with increasing popularity can become a place for stars to engage with fans and boost their own popularity. Spuul will launch a dApp for community interaction through which users can be invited by the stars to sets in return for tokens. Users can also be rewarded with tokens by the stars for reviews and suggestions. This enables better circulation of tokens.
Advertisers can buy tokens to select advertisement spots within the economy across platforms which will help in the growth of the economy. With growth will come increasing value of the economy.
E-commerce is a crucial part of the shopping experience but an issue that exists there is the poor social marketing which in turn means fewer people returning. Sppul can be used by vendors to trade in tokens and also build a loyalty system to encourage social engagement.
Token Sale and ICO
Token Details
Symbol - SPOOKKZ
Price - US$0.08
Soft cap - US$5 million.
Hard cap - US$12 million.
Well, Spuul will generate a total of 1 billion SPOKKZ. The minimum raise will be $5 million and the hard cap is $12 million and the tokens will be allocated in the following manner.
Token Distribution

The Token value during the public release has been set at US$0.08 per Token.
Token Sale and Bonus Structure
The SPOKKZ Crowd Sale and Token Generation event will be done by SPOKKZ Global Foundation Limited, a Singapore incorporated company limited by guarantee and will be issuing the smart contracts running on Ethereum and later on Ontology’s main net.
Funders willing to participate can send Zilliqa, ONT, BTC or Ether to a designated wallet address
"If the Hard Cap is reached on or before the close, the token generation event is estimated to be 7 days after the limit is reached. If the Foundation feels that it has not reached its minimum goal of US$5million, all funds, less 3% of transaction costs, will be returned to funders. If the Crowd sale does not reach it’s hard limit, the remaining SPOKKZ tokens will be burned by the foundation"
Use of Proceeds

The RoadMap

The Team
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KartBlock aims to create an unlimited electronic commerce platform and enable symbolic payments, which also brings together merchants and consumers around the world eliminating intermediaries.
Furthermore, KartBlock is an online marketing platform where owners of different product can make placement of their various products for the reach of customers or consumers can access different product of their choice, place order, make payment and get them delivered at their door post, this form of online marketing has its own peculiarities that is devoid of fraudlent attitude either from the seller or the buyer, delay in service delivery and all forms of negative incidents. Rather it sort to give her customers the satisfaction and confidence in marketing with incentives for every referral, purchase of their token and a lot of goodies there after as displayed below.

The Vision
Revolutionize the eCommerce industry with Blockchain technology and empower buyers and sellers with unlimited transparency.

The Problem

It is imperative to identify a problem before compounding solutions to them and it is on this premise that they attempted to outline these problems as thus; low business incentives from marketers which will result to lack of future patronage , lack of financial trust, sales of expired goods which is detrimental to the health of consumers, and lack of effective online market regulatory measures etc. all these factors gave rise to the advent of the KARTBLOCK.
With Kartblock Everything is better.
Electronic commerce is a necessity today in the global economy. The Kart Block ecosystem is a turning point for the conventional marketing and sales industry, where the main focus is limited to product promotion and advertising revenue.
Kartblock connects people from all over the world, exchanges goods without intermediaries, sends and receives funds easily. The Kartblock market will allow sellers to sell directly to customers with cryptocurrency.
Through the use of chain block, users retain their data, the blockchain technology returns the user's energy. The result is consumer empowerment and unparalleled sales potential for retailers and advertisers.
The Decentralis / Blockchain ecosystem is a technology layer of the Kart Block ecosystem. This layer will be supported by the Ethereum blockchain network and the original token will become the standard ERC20 token. This layer will handle and record payments, transactions, smart contracts, data verification, etc. Through Hyperledger.
eCommerce is a massive game of capital intensive. The question of trust and transparency is almost always persistent, even when the best intentions exist, this problem can be eliminated by the Kart Block ecosystem. Through decentralized architecture, any information is made transparent to all parties and the perception is intimidated so that users can make the most appropriate decisions.
I am going to get straight to the point of who they are since this is such an important factor, as I like to put it, “The Brains behind KARTBLOCK”. If the team behind the product or service in question haven't the resources or knowledge, then we know the product or service delivered will possibly not have the quality it should have. We need to know two very important things when we look at a new starting up company:


The Kart Block ecosystem is essentially a combination of e-commerce platforms, digital wallets and Tokenized gift mechanisms. The simple yet powerful idea behind this ecosystem directly rewards customers for their valuable contribution to the Kart Block platform, without the need for intermediaries.
In addition, KARTBOCK operates an ecosystem that simply has to do with the packages they have in stock for their customers which is; their digital wallet that enables customers to keep their tokens which is a major means of buying their product, this wallet enables them to save their token and buy any product of their choice anytime, anyday without the difficulty of going to the bank to withdraw money to make payment. They equally operates an e_commerce channel of marketting where every transaction is done without any form of intermediary or middle men. A major advantage of Kartblock over her contenders in the online market place is her reward system that deals primarily with giving out her token to every referral into the platform and a high profit margin for the purchase of her token by investors during the period of sales of the token.

Secure and protected data
Kart Block aims to provide radical transparency in the electronic commerce economy. The underlying blockchain technology guarantees the visibility of any activity, transaction and data transmission through the system. Unlike a very centralized market that does not share important data (to maintain marketing excellence). Even merchants have to pay a considerable amount of data for users to generate data online for analysis. Kart Block will change this monopoly system. Here you will see the transactions and the operators will be able to perform the analysis without problems.
Blockchain Technology
Blockchain technology has begun to change the appearance of the Internet and our online interactions. The global e-commerce industry of today has allowed the exponential growth of the business and offers many opportunities to users around the world. But it is necessary to overcome certain challenges as the online economy becomes saturated and the real economic drivers (traders and customers) are deprived of the fair value of their contributions.
Main Technology
The block kart ecosystem can be divided into two parts and they include:
Decentralized infrastructure

ERC20 type tokens are deemed as Blockchain assets that possess value, and can be used for trade, transactions and investment like any other digital currency. Therefore, with the Kart Block token, the user can hold it, trade other currencies and assets with it or use it for transactions to purchase any other entity via the Kart Block platform.
Token Details
Token symbol: KART
Smart contract: Ethereum ERC 20
Token type: Utility
Token price: 1 ETH for 14,925 KART + applicable bonus
Minimum purchase: 0.01 ETH
Hard cap: 26,800 ETH
Token supply: 1 billion in two phases
ICO status: Private sale live with 60% bonus
Token Distribution and Usage of Funds



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If you missed Bitcoin in 2009 never afford to miss another opportunity. #SportsFix is the best ICO project of 2018. it is a project with a vision and solution.


SportsFix is decentralized sports streaming platform with blockchain technology. With the use of technology blockchain then the platform will more reliably SportsFix and transparent. SportsFix using smart contracts at network ethereum. SportsFix is a revolutionary digital sports content with blockchain technology. SportsFix platform allows media rights for sports content rights investments micro.
SportsFix combines content Netflix with blockchain so that changing the way fans connect to media content sports. Fans can participate and get involved in their clubs and leagues in the economy with a digital transaction using intelligent blockchain contract.Sports industry data show that 90% of the fan vote moved and can not access the content of their favorite sports. Only 10% of those in the broadcast to sports fans. About 4.7 billion people watching at least 1 match sports.


Many of the problems in the face on the current sports streaming platform, among which are:
  • The distribution system is not transparent and nonsense impressed.
  • Do the manufacturer’s markup, packaging and artificial price
  • Using a system of redistribution of income of the centralized system of income redistribution & centrally.
  • Fans of the move have limited access to content directly from their favorite team
  • The Club supported no direct involvement with their fans.

  • SportsFix provides solutions networking stadium decentralized digital will help fans is directly connected with the game.
  • Supporters can open the content of the sport and their favorite product features.
  • Many of the cool features that can be selected by fans while watching the game.
  • Fans will only pay for what they watch.
  • Favorite sports clubs could do interaction and identify and reward for their loyal fans who are active on the stadium digitally.
The Advantages Of The Platform’s Digital Stadium
  • You can choose the game you want to watch and can get a token SFT.
  • Buy tickets on the day of the match.
  • Can sign up as a season ticket holder digital (DSP).
  • Can make a one-day match through our partner or club sponsor.
  • There could watch the match with HD quality.
  • Watch the game together and share your comments with the public.
  • You can earn loyalty points and make prediction games as well as creating content which is cool.
  • You can be directly involved with your favorite clubs.
  • Can be identified and awarded with the register as DSP
  • Can access content exclusive to the room lockers, training and more.
  • Watch the game free with the digital Stadium sponsors.
  • Can get a token SF from sponsors to change the admission on the day of the match
  • You can get discounts on your favorite brand’s stuff
  • Develop stale your fans to open special features at every level.
Advantages SportsFix Token
  • SF in the token provided to a limited extent.
  • SportsFix team has experience in the field of sports content and industry over the past 50 years.
  • A platform of digital streaming stadium OTT offering next-generation experience with premium crowdfunding.
  • Token SF design to appreciate and engage end users on the platform of the stadium digitally.Model development of SFT is very dynamic.
SportsFix OTT already is in the market for the streaming platform and has a range of 300 million users in the entire ASEAN market.
Name: SportsFix
The Symbol Token: SFT
Token supply: 800 million SFT
Ethereum Platform: ERC20
Token price: $0.10 USD
Token for sale: 440 million SFT
Time Pre-Sale: 4-8 Week
Pre-order discount Sale: 30-50%
Soft cap: 2 million
Hard cap 37.2 million
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Thanks to the blockchain technology a new era of progress is here, we can call it a decentralized revolution. Many uprising projects are creating a new reality in which we don't need to depend on central authority controlling and having insights into our lives. One of the most important projects and leaders of the decentralized revolution is taking our location data from the hands of central authorities and making us independent. The name of this project is WEIDEX

Weidex is the exchange of a decentralized full-featured (DEX). This guarantees the highest security, full transparency, and the logic of open source. The main idea behind the exchange that is decentralized is the removal of the third party and do not need to collect Your personal data such as email, name, or identification number. All the logic is held by the contract smart. Therefore only users who have a tendency to control their assets so as to make human error is very unlikely. Weidex support all token-based Ethereum and at the end of the year, will also support token-based Neo.
Furthermore, WeiDex is an exchange market that does not need to rely on a third partyservice to hold the customer's assets. Instead, the trades occur directly between users (peer to peer) through an automated process called smart contract.
The Vision
The dream is to make decentralized exchanges widely used and the main method for transferring crypto assets. The vision is to provide the best services to the clients, from the user interface and user experience to the usability and performance. They want to create a great, strong community with brave dreams like theirs. The main task to achieve the dream is to develop a decentralized technology for cross-chain transactions.
The Problem
Cryptocurrency seems to be the latest technological trend that many investors are recently focusing on. Cryptocurrency trading also comes with its own challenges and these challenges arise because of the nature of the market and the fact that it uses blockchain technology, a decentralized approach, and platform.The challenges in cryptocurrency exchange have been a major setback to the growth of the industry and this points to the reason why the market is not globally adopted so far. Poor liquidity, poor market regulations, long process of compliance and complex integration are some of the challenges plaguing cryptocurrencies. Financial Institutions and banking sector benefits from these factors and government are planning to legalize the digital currencies.
Following the challenges stated above, WeiDex stated that the platform will have both advantages of centralized and decentralized exchanges. However, centralized exchanges are known for its easy to use, easy to access (availability) and transparency. As a decentralized exchange, WeiDex also have advantages over other existing decentralized exchanges, including:

Referral System Program
WeiDex is the first of its kinds, that offer 20% of users referral trading fees. More users you invite, more referral bonuses you will receive.
Low Fees
WeiDex is developed in a very fast and efficient blockchain network. It will make the transaction on the platform is effective and efficient.
Multiple Order Fulfillment

User can set numbers of order and the platform smart contract will make sure to take as many transactions as needed to fulfill your request, while he/she only charged for just one transaction.
Airdrop Program
The airdrop will occur once a month and will affects every unique address that meets the trading volume conditions. The maximum amount of tokens each unique address can receive is up to 250 WDX for the first 20 000 users who meet the trading volume requirement for the airdrop.
Cross-Chain Transactions
It's the most advanced technology over cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Through the Cross-Chain Transactions, WeiDex will unify different kind of blockchain (e.g. Ethereum and Neo) at the same platform.

REP : Augur allows users to trustlessly create prediction markets.
0x : 0x is an open, permissionless protocol allowing for ERC20 tokens to be traded on the Ethereum blockchain.
STORJ : Next generation of decentralized object storage, end-to-end encrypted.
OMG : OmiseGO enables financial inclusion and interoperability through the public, decentralized OMG network.
BAT : The token can be used to obtain a variety of advertising and attention-based services.
GNT : The Ethereum-based CPU power renting network
WeiDex Token (WDX)
Token Specification
Token name - weiDex
Token symbol - WDX
Total supply - 50 000 000 WDX
Token type - ERC-20
Token Decimals - 18
WeiDex Token (WDX) has several different uses:
Users will have the chance to reduce their trading fee by 50%
When new tokens are listed on weiDex, they can use WDX as a payment method.
Users will be able to swap WDX between different blockchains e.g. ETH and NEO. In the roadmap, there is integration with Neo. After this integration is done, users will be able to trade between this platform using WDX.
After new tokens are listed, they will provide airdrop to all WDX holders, proportionate to the amount of WDX each user has.
Distribution & Allocation
WeiDex’s intention is to allow a broad base of community members to participate in a Token Sale. WeiDex cannot guarantee that all prospective purchasers will be able to acquire their desired allocations during the Token
Sale, where the maximum cap will be approximately $15 million. The amount of tokens sold during the Token Sale will be from a total sale pool of 30,000,000 WDX.
For a successful token sale reaching the hard cap the intended token distribution will be as follows:
The customers will receive an airdrop based on their trading volume. The total amount of tokens that will be provided as airdrop is 5,000,000 WDX.


Tito Titov- CEO
A proactive and energetic person with a positive attitude and outside-of-the box thinking. Visionary and dreamer, with strong leadership and motivational skills… Blockchain enthusiast.
Krasimir Raykov- Blockchain Architect
5+ years of experience in systems development, back-end development and a strong understanding of a statically typed languages like Java, C++ and Solidity.
Rali Ralev- CTO
Experienced fullstack developer with never ending energy. Proficient in system administration and script languages. Ninja Ruby on Rails developer and automation expert.
Pavel Angelov- Senior Developer
Pavel is the Doer of the team. He is specialised in cloud integrations and full stack JS ninja. He has worked for companies like Telerik and Chaos Group.
Stiliyan Dimov- Blockchain Expert
A full stack web developer with 5 years of experience. Passionate about blockchain and the latest technologies. Great knowledge of Java, Solidity and Databases.
Verginia Kasheva-Nakova- CMO
Founder of MarketUp Consult, Founer at Training Academy Bulgaria and CEO at Course Lab. Skilled in Marketing Management, Negotiation, Budgeting, Business Planning and Analytical Skills.
Veselin Georgiev- Sales Director
B2B Sales Manager at Trainig Academy. Consults organizations / companies / start-ups to grow and increase their revenue, sales, potential and make the diference in their areas.
Svetlin Nakov- Advisor
Co-Founder, Innovation and Inspiration Manager at SoftUni, Blockchain Trainer and Consultant. Chairman of Bulgarian Association of Software Developers.
Ivo Georgiev-Tech Advisor
Co-Founder at AdEx network and CEO at Stremio. Ivo has extensive experience as a software engineer with a particular interest in the video-on-demand industry. Since 2012, he has been heading Stremio, a video entertainment startup.
Temelko Dechev- Business Advisor
CEO at Prosperamo Consulting Group. Entrepreneur with extensive international experience in running global businesses. Experience spans across multiple industries and business disciplines
Krystelle Galano- Marketing Advisor
Studied Mass Communication at the University of Manila. Has more than 5 years of experience in social media management, and also boasts of experience in crypto and blockchain.
Stavri Georgiev- Designer
Co-Founder and CCO at TICKEY | Founder & Head Of Design Department at EYAS DESIGN. Stavri is passionate brand developer and product designer.
Kalin Iliev- Designer
Co-Founder and Creative director at EYAS DESIGN & founder of WonderSwamp. Successful international design projects for Mercedes-Benz & Oracle Bulgaria.
Petar Kiryakov- Legal Advisor
Lawyer at Sofia bar association. He has substantial experience in business transactions, liability claims, advisability of prosecuting or defending lawsuits, or legal rights and obligations.
George Koynov- Creative Copywriter
George brings his 15+ years of experience as a creative copywriter at a number of multinational advertising agencies (J. Walter Thompson Sofia, Ogilvy Frankfurt, Edelman Berlin)

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Today, let us all learn and experience together all about REALTY RETURNS. If you don't know anything about them, don't run away, that's why I'm here, to change that within the next few minutes. Before I begin, I just want to quickly mention that I will be including LINKS so that YOU can do your own research or whatever you feel you need. I feel it's best to have all of the information in one place, in an organised manner, rather than dotted about the page making what you want hard to find or confusing. All these links will be put at the BOTTOM of this page to keep things easy.


Real estate is a 217 trillion-dollar market and it’s largely illiquid for 95% of the world today. In the past, you only had access to real estate if you were already rich, or had rich friends, meaning that most people weren’t able to benefit from the passive income and capital appreciation it provides.
10 Advantages of Investing in Real Estate Through Blockchain
There are many advantages associated with investing in real estate through blockchain technology, and here are the top 10.
  1. Greater Accessibility
Real estate has been an investment vehicle of the wealthy for a very long time, they have known the power of passive income and capital appreciation. The problem is that it’s never been accessible to regular people, the barriers to entry have always been to high, especially when it comes to commercial real estate and multifamily housing. Some of the barriers are accessibility to the right sponsors and fund managers, financing, cash requirements, and accreditation. It use to be that you had to no someone who knew someone to get involved. Today platforms cut out the expensive middle man and provide global access for investors to browse properties and invest in shares of real estate using cryptocurrency.
2. Cross-border transactions
Residential and Commercial Real estate investing abroad has always had great appeal to investors but many haven’t been able to enjoy the returns real estate provides due to not being able to find the right investment property, high cost of purchase, difficult transferring funds across border, Immigration laws and visa issues, financing, prohibitive U.S tax laws, exchange rates, and loss of home country benefits to name a few. Blockchain technology bypasses these major challenges and creates a smooth streamlined process through tokenization. With global access investors can truly diversify their portfolio based on geography, country, region, and economy. It opens up access to the US real estate market which has been steadily increasing in value since 1963.
3. Liquidity
One of the biggest drawbacks traditionally with investing in real estate is the illiquidity. You may want to take advantage of the cash-flow and capital appreciation but also want some liquidity for a rainy day. Blockchain technology through online real estate platforms has made this a reality. Through ERC-20 smart contracts on the Ethereum platform you can buy and sale real estate tokens through the exchange, creating more liquidity than ever before. Because the cryptocurrency market is in the hundreds of billions of dollars an exchange provides an easy accessible place to buy and sale with ETH. You can now reap the benefits of real estate ownership and have liquidity at the same time.
4. Tokenization
By tokenizing real estate assets on the blockchain it’s easier for property owners to offer a fraction of their asset to the masses, and it’s easier for the masses to invest in real estate around the globe, a win-win. Each security token represents a stake or share of the asset that has been divided into small portions making it affordable to the recent college graduate, single parent household, and retiree. This digital ledger on the blockchain contains the history of each real estate transaction time stamped and immutable. Platforms like RealtyReturns embed compliances at the token level and allows for decentralized trading of across any platform that supports ERC-20 tokens. This significantly increases liquidity in comparison to confining trade to a single centralized exchange. It gives the average investor an opportunity to convert their ETH into real estate and reap the rewards of income generating assets and capital appreciation, and stability for those that made a fortune in ETH that are seeking to protect their recent gains from the volatility of the crypto markets.
5. Greater Diversification
Global real estate investing through blockchain not only allows you to diversify by region, but also allows you to spread your money into many different types of real estate whether it’s residential, multifamily, commercial, or cash flow properties. It also gives you the ability to invest in different classes of commercial real estate around the globe. Whether you are looking for brand new class A office space in a thriving community, a triple net lease retail property with little oversight, or a rehab class C project with significant capital appreciation, this type of diversification will be available. With a minimum investment of 2 ETH you can spread your money regionally into different classes of real estate. Some platforms offer commercial triple lease opportunities that are the Crème de la Crèmeof investments in real estate.
6. Quicker Transactions
Real estate transactions are notorious for being slow in nature, it could take you at minimum six months to purchase an international property if you are lucky. One study finds that 56% of Chinese investors spend over 1 year finding their ideal US investment property according to Juwai Chinese Consumer International Travel Survey 2018. There are missed opportunities and lower returns when it takes that long to invest in real estate. Companies like RealtyReturns have an easy point-and-click user friendly interface allowing you to invest in real estate through cryptocurrency in a matter of seconds.
7. Less fees
Investing in real estate internationally is going to cost you a lot of money in fee’s. A few that are worth mentioning are exchange fees, transfer fees, broker fees, attorney fees, taxes, and investment fees. It can be an expensive process that cuts into your bottom line, making it less appealing to invest abroad. Tokenization removes you from the process above and doesn’t require expensive third-party intermediaries to increase your costs. Less fees means that you get to bring in more income and improve your overall return.
8. Lower Investment amount
In the past if you wanted to invest in real estate you would expect to spend thousands of dollars to get in the game and leverage yourself to the hilt. If you wanted to invest in commercial real estate that wasn’t even an option, as it’s one of the most expensive assets on the planet. With fractional real estate through blockchain technology It doesn’t matter what your income or social status is, you could be a single parent, college student, recent college grad, or starting your 1st career, if you have roughly $1,000 in ETH value you can have the opportunity to invest in fractional real estate abroad and enjoy the benefits of income producing properties as well as capital appreciation.
9. Prevent fraud & human error
Millions of dollars are lost every year due to real estate fraud. And although it’s not common to experience real estate fraud, when it does happen it can bring down the house. A quick google search of real estate fraud or scams will give you a good sense for how much irreparable damage it can cause. Blockchain creates an immutable digital ledger that prevents fraud from happening in the first place. All transactions and records of the property are time stamped in the token preventing anyone from changing the facts. Changes and updates on the blockchain can only be accomplished by consensus between participants and new data can’t be erased.
10. Transparency
Anyone that follows politics can understand and appreciate transparency, after all it keeps us honest, and it creates more trust; which ultimately benefits the economy as a whole. Stephen M. R. Covey wrote an entire book called “The Speed of Trust” where he makes the case for building trust as a means running a more productive and profitable business. The fact is that lack of trust creates friction, and friction slows transactions and delays productivity. Real estate tokens provide visibility into a digital ledger where all pertinent information is stored including income generated by the property.


Our Team Has More Than 100 Years of Real Estate Investment Experience and Our Team of Blockchain Programs are Some of the Best in the World.

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The buzz about cryptocurrency is increasing, people have heard about it, and more and more people want to find more about it, and find a way to be a part of it. When blockchain technology came, so many things changed, for better, we say. So many businesses have improved, so many companies have started using crypto currencies in their work. The new ideas are coming every day. People want to invest in the new projects. We have the biggest tool in the world, and it is called the Internet. The internet is a enormous base of information where we can do anything. Internet has connected the entire world. One of these projects is MPCX, whose main goal is to serve as catalyst for the New Crypto Wealth Management revolution through the MPCX Token.
Hello to all and welcome to my review. For those of you who don't know me yet, let me introduce myself. My name is Opeyemi and I'm an experienced writer who enjoys what he does very much. I'm here to give you all the information you might need or want about the newest Blockchain Digital Wealth Platform that is definitely worth your time and therefore, mine, too. I plan to make them “easy read, to the point” because what's important to me is that we all comprehend and absorb the information and actually want to be here learning together about something new.

However, we all may agree on the following point: crypto assets have nothing to do with traditional equity market. When you invest in buying some crypto coins, you are having exposure on digital market. However, what happens when someone put digital assets to traditional fiat exchange as an ETF? His ETF would inevitably follow the market pattern price whether it is a bull run or a bearish one. This is the major problem with crypto ETFs.
Is there a solution?
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Thursday 30 August 2018


Hello to all and welcome to my review. For those of you who don't know me yet, let me introduce myself. My name is Opeyemi and I'm an experienced writer who enjoys what he does very much. I'm here to give you all the information you might need or want about the newest Blockchain  Platform that is definitely worth your time and therefore, mine, too. I plan to make them “easy read, to the point” because what's important to me is that we all comprehend and absorb the information and actually want to be here learning together about something new.


Sidera has introduced a complete end-to-end solution for retail point-of- sale using a smartwatch which combined with blockchain. It includes a full-stack reference implementation of all the components. This consists with a mobile application and point-of-sale (POS) terminals. Basically, Sidera is introducing a mechanism to store crypto on the wrist watch with an integrated wearable hardware wallet. In simplest worlds Sidera is a Decentralized solution based on blockchain for retailers.

Features of Sidera Wearable Device

This Decentralized Wearable Smartwatch is called as SmartBit. It allows users to receive, send and manage Bitcoins and any other cryptocurrency or tokens completely from their wrist in a smooth and secure way. The smartwatch is linked to a mobile app which handles features like addresses, contacts, blockchain synchronization etc.
Most important features of SmartBit can be described as follows,
     • Wrist-to-Wrist transactions
Your crypto wealth is secured around your wrist, fully encrypted. It allows you to send or receive crypto currencies such as EQS, Bitcoin and other tokens through wrist-to-wrist offline transactions. In order to take advantage of this feature two or more SmartBit devices must be in range. The device will then detect any specific other device, if available, allowing to send or receive funds.
     • POS Payment NFC
Integrated NFC enable users to do worldwide POS payments with on-the-fly crypto to FIAT conversion methodology. It will be possible to pay at any shop directly in Dollars using Sidera's e-payment license filling.
     • Secure Anti-Theft System
With SmartBit, your funds are impossible to be stolen, even if you lose BitSmart or the private key. They have you covered with multi-layer security. For the security of this product the crypto-wallet operations on the smartwatch will not work if the smartwatch and the smartphone are out of range. The same will occur if the user wants to manage the tasks on the smartphone app, it will be required to wear the SmartBit device.
     • Ghost mode
You can completely hide the blockchain features keeping everything away from peeking eyes by using ghost mode. It is an ultra secure partition fully encrypted in military-grade AES-2048. With this mode activated everything appears as a normal smartwatch; with time, weather, notifications.
     • Seed entropy generation
This is an interesting mechanism use in SmartBit. It allows wallet entropy generation with the arm movement. This is a replacement for what we usually do by moving the mouse of the PC.
     • Auto-detect
Device will auto detect crypto-address included in the notification message. It can sort out the wallet address from other strings in a message.
     • Higher security
The safety of the device, and its incorporated hardware wallet, is confident with the aid of a body sensor positioned under the smartwatch. This sensor will analyze your body for a few signals elaborating a specific ID in which will be encrypted the private seed of the hardware wallet. If somebody stoles your device he cannot access your wealth as the sensor will reject his body.

What is CONTINUUM Wearable Exchange?

This is a new revolutionary exchange which is going to introduce by Sidera. This exchange is fully decentralized and completely wearable and it is the first Decentralized Wearable Exchange of the world. It will allows users to trade crypto currencies through the smartwatch.


• Target $ 15,000,000 USD
• 51.000.000 from EQUOS Token ERC20
• 1 USD = 0.5 eQUOS
• Soft Cap : $ 1,500,000 USD
• Hard Cap: $ 15,000,000 USD
• Total Supply 51.000.000 eQUOS
• 1% of the funds raised will be donated to charitable organizations.

About eQUOS Token

The symbol of the token is eQUOS. This token is an Ethereum based token (Erc-20 token). ICO price is 1 eQUOS = 2 USD.

SmartBit Pre-Order

    • Multi-color BitBand (smartband) : $99 instead of $129 ONLY on PRE-DISTRIBUTION and DISTRIBUTION PHASE
   • Premium BitWatch black, silver & gold : $149 instead of $179 ONLY on PRE-DISTRIBUTION and DISTRIBUTION PHASE
    • Innity BitWatch : Biometric Security Input + Finger-print Scan + Nice-to-Have(s) (TBA) 249$ instead of 279$ ONLY ON PRE-DISTRIBUTION and DISTRIBUTION Phase

Investment Information

Minimum investment is 100 USD. ETH, Fiat are accepted for investing. Citizens of the United States, China are not able to participate.



Details on Sidera Bounty Program

Sidera is allocating 500 000 eQUOS for their bounty campaign
      • Start campaign: July 30, 2018
      • End campaign: September 30, 2018

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Wednesday 29 August 2018


Blockchain, both in the context of cryptocurrency and its underlying applications, has been the hottest topic of discussion in all areas of life. The common theme is the expected large scale and pervasive impact that the blockchain will have through all industries and all facets of life.
While blockchain as an academic discussion is not new by any means, recently there has been a widespread appreciation for the potential impact that it could have. Blockchain solutions provide the promise of transparency, disintermediation, a new understanding of security, and a distributed system which no longer requires exclusivity on centralized control; however, these solutions require more involvement and responsibility of a network’s participants. These elements are the core drivers for the sudden uptick in attention and notoriety in the space. One of the most discussed elements of blockchain has undoubtedly been cryptocurrency and the underlying transference of value; nearly instantaneously, with a de minimis cost and an unprecedented level of transparency.


Netscouters is a platform for the future of football funding that uses Blockchain Power and assets Tokenization. The team is ready to build a safe, useful and easy to use a product based on the private blockchain. It will include the integration of cryptocurrency payments and even a digital daily system.
Furthermore, The NETSCOUTERS PLATFORM is a decentralized and transparent marketplace of Players and clubs based on Tokens. The decentralization of amateur football in our platform marketplace will help to ensure that Amateur clubs, with their youth activities, has access to global financing.
NETSCOUTERS marketplace will use an advanced integrated video streaming platform that can allow amateur clubs to have their own channel (pay per view or streaming) that makes the content. Monetize your content behind a payment panel, integrate Google DFP for ad insertion, or collect valuable data from viewers who use lead capture.
The Vision
The desire is to build a decentralized, meritorious, transparent and unified platform to access, validate an empower players skill and contributing to the more commercialization of the football game.
By extension, it simply means an effort to collaborate with public and private sectors or agencies on how to contribute collectively in making the football game a more inclusive one where both the rich, poor, white or black child can develop his or her inborn potentials, contribute to the excitement we all enjoy from skillful footballers, the promotion of the status and economy of the clubs and leagues they play for.
The NETSCOUTERS Cardinal Objective
Netscouter is committed in rendering effective service delivery in promoting these premature clubs and bringing a fair level playing ground for both players, agents and the mega clubs in search for a greener pastures (talented players to contribute to their internally generated revenue and win them trophies) etc.
The Problems
Lack of funds
Finance is referred to as the life blood of any organization, therefore no organization can survive neither can it work effectively without funds to run the day to day activities of the organization and that is a major problem constraining most small football clubs all over the world as they are unable to maintain their stadium to enable viewers, the inability to pay their coaches, players and workers, thereby making the game uninteresting and full of discomfort.
Lack of sponsorship
In low publicity of these clubs has often not intrigue the interest of investors because of the low economic viability or worth of the club to earn them publicity, this is as a result of the inability of these mushroom clubs to have a TV station to attract subscribers or viewers.
Social background
The social background of most skillful players has constrained them from getting in contact with these rich and high profiled agents or managers of these mega clubs and most disheartening; some of them die with their talents and without fulfilling their dreams.
Environmental Factor
The geographical location of most countries of the world, that is; some countries that are found far away from these big world clubs are usually disadvantaged due to the inability to travel from these developing nations like Africa to Europe has imposed a lot of difficulties in coming in contact with agents and managers of these gigantic football club.
This platform operates with a decentralized digital machine that regulates the inflow and outflow of communication processes about their day to day linking contracts (blockchain) between the amateur clubs and the mega football clubs. It is more concerned in maintaining democratic tenets by giving every growing club the opportunity to seek international attention and equally growing their economy as millions of dollars will be flowing into their account due to the quality of players they have to give out, the millions of viewers or followers who subscribes to their TV station and also to the interest of this mega clubs who will be able to explore the talents of these young stars in wining them trophies and the millions of people who will be buying tickets just to watch their football match alongside their TV rights. This platform stands as a blessing to both the amateur club and the bigger club, due to the business opportunities they create to investors, agents, sponsors and users, by implication; it is a win/win deal whereby the both cannot do without the other due to the billions of Euros business opportunities they stand to benefit.
NETSCOUTER has two types of token as a reward for every ones participation in the platform which are;
(a) Security token: this is a percentage distributed to investors for their investment into the platform and it is mainly 20%.
(b) Utility token: this is a coin used by the Nescouter platform at their market place.
OUTERSCOIN (Platform Token) & OUTINVCOIN (ICO Token)
Two different type of token will be released:
Outerscoin is the token that will be us by platform users
Outinvcoin is the token will be used for Sales events
Token Sale Details
Distribution of OUTSCOIN Platform tokens
Use of proceeds
Upgrading the infrastructural build up of the amateur club to the attraction of international viewers
Giving young players a favorable condition to standout among stars in international competition.
Creating an avenue for agents to access talented amateur players to their respective contracted clubs.
Bringing wider sports media coverage in the local leagues.
Eliminating of all unnecessary charges for promoting your clubs.
Eliminating the problem of sponsorship for talented amateur footballers in the streets.
Creating an investment opportunity for persons who wishes to make millions through their sponsorship in the promotion of the football business projects as a percentage of every success is distributed to their account during the share of their initial coin offering (ICO) as an investor.
The transparent, low transaction cost, and well secured business deal, devoid of third parties.etc.
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Bitcointalk username:Samuel321
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After the big Crypto-Boom in 2017, the amount of ICO and Token Sales has surged exponentially. According to, there are literally thousands of ICO’s and Tokens out there. Knowing which ICO or Token to invest in could potentially be a huge headache for many uninformed investors. Understanding which ICO’s would potentially grow into sustainable companies and which ICO’s would be worth investing is crucial to the investor’s return on investment (ROI).
Many ICO investors neglect to see an ICO as an IPO. An ICO “Initial Coin Offering” and an IPO, “Initial Public Offering”, is similar in many ways. When a company goes public with an IPO, before you invest, you would research the company. You would look at the stakeholders (Founders), the company’s assets, its market share, growth potential and much more. It seems like most people forget that when looking at ICO’s, they are blinded by the whole “Get Rich Quick” trend, and thus they ignorantly invest in ICO-Traps.
ICO Investors should consider the following:
  • How capable is the team, who are they?
  • What is the ICO about?
  • How does the Ecosystem work?
  • How will the coin be utilized?
  • How would funds be distributed?
  • How are the tokens being allocated?
  • How in depth is the Roadmap?
  • How does the Referral or Bounty Program work?
  • How strong is the Community?
  • How secure is the system? (Internet Security)
Of course, there are more to look for in an ICO before even considering investing, but exploring these 10 points will most definitely protect you from most scrap ICO’s out there.

Introducing Vidy.

Vidy is the first decentralized video ad distributor that embeds video ads behind the text of web pages via an NLP consensus-layer.


Vidy aspires to bring the 600 million people using ad blockers back into the market. We will accomplish this by decentralizing a new form of innovative and judicious video advertising.


Vidy has invented the first single-page invisible embed layer for video, run on the Ethereum blockchain.Vidy constructs a ledger system that measures how long a user watches an ad thanks to hold tracking technology on its embed layer. Vidy then rewards publishers and users accordingly for holding down on ads with VidyCoins, taken as a fraction of the VidyCoin payout made from advertiser to publisher for that video ad impression.
With just a hold, users can now reveal tiny hyper-relevant videos hidden behind the text of any page on the web, unlocking a whole new dimension to the internet.


Vidy has built the world’s first invisible embed layer that rests silently atop any website in the world, powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Vidy’s patent-pending invention allows publishers to embed a tiny video into the text of their site, letting their users hold down on that linked text to reveal supporting video for literally anything that is printed online. The user never leaves the page.
Vidy constructs a ledger system that measures how long a user watches an ad thanks to hold tracking technology on its embed layer. Vidy then rewards publishers and users accordingly for holding down on ads with VidyCoins, taken as a fraction of the VidyCoin payout made from advertiser to publisher for that video ad impression.


Vidy’s ad placement mechanism is a proprietary open-source NLP protocol that automatically places video ads on a massive scale into the hyper-relevant text of millions of publisher pages.
This open NLP protocol is run by miners who are compensated with VidyCoin for each successful placement and corresponding decryption of a visitor’s data profile which is locked in a smart contract. Vidy analyzes and indexes trillions of words of text on publisher pages across the internet and matches them through its AI-powered deep natural language understanding models with parsed and transcribed advertiser videos.


Some partnerships are for specific countries or with specific terms or pre-terms stage.



For the first time ever, when you see a Vidylink and hold down to watch that vidy ad, you earn money. Vidy compensates you with VidyCoin(VIDY) for each second that you hold down. The longer you hold, the more you earn. You can even make a purchase on that video using your VidyCoin with just one tap.


VidyCoin (VIDY) derives its utility in 3 main ways. You earn VIDY every time you hold down on an ad, you use VIDY to make purchases in one tap on ads, and VIDY is required to stake as fuel for all ad campaigns on the platform .





The Vidy story begins at Harvard, where Patrick Colangelo founded the company in his dorm room.
Today, Vidy boasts a world-class engineering team based in San Francisco with team members who have previously sold their own companies, amassed 10s of millions of users, patented multi-million dollar inventions, and have enjoyed decades of successes in the software development world.
The Vidy team has been together for years, bonded by mutual admiration, friendship, and ambition to build a platform that can truly change human lives for the better.


For more information please visit:
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Bitcointalk username:Samuel321
Bitcointalk profile link:;u=1925101
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