Wednesday 29 August 2018


Blockchain, both in the context of cryptocurrency and its underlying applications, has been the hottest topic of discussion in all areas of life. The common theme is the expected large scale and pervasive impact that the blockchain will have through all industries and all facets of life.
While blockchain as an academic discussion is not new by any means, recently there has been a widespread appreciation for the potential impact that it could have. Blockchain solutions provide the promise of transparency, disintermediation, a new understanding of security, and a distributed system which no longer requires exclusivity on centralized control; however, these solutions require more involvement and responsibility of a network’s participants. These elements are the core drivers for the sudden uptick in attention and notoriety in the space. One of the most discussed elements of blockchain has undoubtedly been cryptocurrency and the underlying transference of value; nearly instantaneously, with a de minimis cost and an unprecedented level of transparency.


Netscouters is a platform for the future of football funding that uses Blockchain Power and assets Tokenization. The team is ready to build a safe, useful and easy to use a product based on the private blockchain. It will include the integration of cryptocurrency payments and even a digital daily system.
Furthermore, The NETSCOUTERS PLATFORM is a decentralized and transparent marketplace of Players and clubs based on Tokens. The decentralization of amateur football in our platform marketplace will help to ensure that Amateur clubs, with their youth activities, has access to global financing.
NETSCOUTERS marketplace will use an advanced integrated video streaming platform that can allow amateur clubs to have their own channel (pay per view or streaming) that makes the content. Monetize your content behind a payment panel, integrate Google DFP for ad insertion, or collect valuable data from viewers who use lead capture.
The Vision
The desire is to build a decentralized, meritorious, transparent and unified platform to access, validate an empower players skill and contributing to the more commercialization of the football game.
By extension, it simply means an effort to collaborate with public and private sectors or agencies on how to contribute collectively in making the football game a more inclusive one where both the rich, poor, white or black child can develop his or her inborn potentials, contribute to the excitement we all enjoy from skillful footballers, the promotion of the status and economy of the clubs and leagues they play for.
The NETSCOUTERS Cardinal Objective
Netscouter is committed in rendering effective service delivery in promoting these premature clubs and bringing a fair level playing ground for both players, agents and the mega clubs in search for a greener pastures (talented players to contribute to their internally generated revenue and win them trophies) etc.
The Problems
Lack of funds
Finance is referred to as the life blood of any organization, therefore no organization can survive neither can it work effectively without funds to run the day to day activities of the organization and that is a major problem constraining most small football clubs all over the world as they are unable to maintain their stadium to enable viewers, the inability to pay their coaches, players and workers, thereby making the game uninteresting and full of discomfort.
Lack of sponsorship
In low publicity of these clubs has often not intrigue the interest of investors because of the low economic viability or worth of the club to earn them publicity, this is as a result of the inability of these mushroom clubs to have a TV station to attract subscribers or viewers.
Social background
The social background of most skillful players has constrained them from getting in contact with these rich and high profiled agents or managers of these mega clubs and most disheartening; some of them die with their talents and without fulfilling their dreams.
Environmental Factor
The geographical location of most countries of the world, that is; some countries that are found far away from these big world clubs are usually disadvantaged due to the inability to travel from these developing nations like Africa to Europe has imposed a lot of difficulties in coming in contact with agents and managers of these gigantic football club.
This platform operates with a decentralized digital machine that regulates the inflow and outflow of communication processes about their day to day linking contracts (blockchain) between the amateur clubs and the mega football clubs. It is more concerned in maintaining democratic tenets by giving every growing club the opportunity to seek international attention and equally growing their economy as millions of dollars will be flowing into their account due to the quality of players they have to give out, the millions of viewers or followers who subscribes to their TV station and also to the interest of this mega clubs who will be able to explore the talents of these young stars in wining them trophies and the millions of people who will be buying tickets just to watch their football match alongside their TV rights. This platform stands as a blessing to both the amateur club and the bigger club, due to the business opportunities they create to investors, agents, sponsors and users, by implication; it is a win/win deal whereby the both cannot do without the other due to the billions of Euros business opportunities they stand to benefit.
NETSCOUTER has two types of token as a reward for every ones participation in the platform which are;
(a) Security token: this is a percentage distributed to investors for their investment into the platform and it is mainly 20%.
(b) Utility token: this is a coin used by the Nescouter platform at their market place.
OUTERSCOIN (Platform Token) & OUTINVCOIN (ICO Token)
Two different type of token will be released:
Outerscoin is the token that will be us by platform users
Outinvcoin is the token will be used for Sales events
Token Sale Details
Distribution of OUTSCOIN Platform tokens
Use of proceeds
Upgrading the infrastructural build up of the amateur club to the attraction of international viewers
Giving young players a favorable condition to standout among stars in international competition.
Creating an avenue for agents to access talented amateur players to their respective contracted clubs.
Bringing wider sports media coverage in the local leagues.
Eliminating of all unnecessary charges for promoting your clubs.
Eliminating the problem of sponsorship for talented amateur footballers in the streets.
Creating an investment opportunity for persons who wishes to make millions through their sponsorship in the promotion of the football business projects as a percentage of every success is distributed to their account during the share of their initial coin offering (ICO) as an investor.
The transparent, low transaction cost, and well secured business deal, devoid of third parties.etc.
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