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Hello to all and welcome to my review. For those of you who don't know me yet, let me introduce myself. My name is Opeyemi and I'm an experienced writer who enjoys what he does very much. I'm here to give you all the information you might need or want about the newest Blockchain healthcare Platform that is definitely worth your time and therefore, mine, too. I plan to make them “easy read, to the point” because what's important to me is that we all comprehend and absorb the information and actually want to be here learning together about something new.

Doctor Smart is an advanced social insurance stage, whose telehealth, telemedicine and AI arrays installed are intended to convey world-class catering conferences to patients anywhere, at any time. The Doctor Smart biological system will also use blockchain innovation, smart contracts to coordinate new inventive advances based on the conventional framework of human services, such as disconnected therapeutic offices and insurance agencies. Specialist Shrewd will encourage the administration of high-caliber, moderate, and end-to-end human services around the world. The Doctor Smart token will encourage every minute of every day, the benefits of medical services upon request, therefore, it comprises the most indispensable problems facing social security frameworks around the world, many of which are essential in the parts that accompany them. In addition, Doctor Smart will use AI responses for a better interface and will allow the care providers and patients around the world.
The primarily strength of the project is that it aims at integration of new technologies with the established offline health care system. Among the important tasks assigned to the project are enabling a better health care service, replacing some doctor responsibilities with artificial intelligent and eliminating differences in medicine service costs due to various geographical locations.
The Goal
The goal is to extend the quality and duration of life throughout the world.
The Solution
The Doctor Smart can provide clear and consequently executable protection approaches to its clients, in the light of intelligent contracts. This organization includes the investment of the three meetings: patients, therapeutic centers and insurance agencies. This organization also limits the impact of the factor that has the greatest potential for mismanagement, the human factor, which was previously unattainable. The arrangements of the protection strategies that depend on the smart contract will be expressed in a clear and direct way; they will also be established in the block chain, the detectable, direct and perpetual
The Platform provide solutions for;
Smart doctor will avail puerile qualified professionals find a job, take advantage of medical professionals to obtain supplementary income. These include gym instructors, nutritionists and veterinarians and much more, between different countries, he will provide the opportunity to work without compensation
Improving the personal satisfaction of people living in various places, creating conditions for an excellent administration of medicines to patients in remote areas, making new jobs and occupations
Insurance company
Improving the personal satisfaction of people living in various places, creating conditions for an excellent administration of medicines to patients in remote areas, making new jobs and occupations
Bring clients from new territories, decrease the cost of expanding the customer base
Total control and access to restorative records, confirmation of any drug endorsed for consistency and similarity

Features of The Doctor Smart Platform
Due to the sophisticated ecosystem, each user gets an opportunity to learn about his or her health condition at this stage. In addition, the time of day and geographic location will not be significant. Such technological revolution has become possible due to the use of the blockchain technology that has already proven its competence. Now, the cooperation between a patient and a specialist will be transparent, predictable and open, which will make the project widespread.
The advantages of joining professionals are:
Free access to the patient’s medical history.
Reduced expenditures when contacting a specialist.
Fast and secure certification results.
All of this will let adopt a real revolution in the health sphere. Despite the old assurances of specialists and representatives of international organizations that the users will get an equal access to professionals’ services, this has become possible only due to the technology development.
As many processes will be fully automated, the service price will remain minimum, so now it is already more expedient to contact the virtual doctor than the real one.
Benefit for Each Party
To prevent possible debates, smart contracts describing everything in detail will be concluded. As the idea is really revolutionary by its nature and capabilities, the Doctor Smart project developers want this service to be included in the largest insurance programs. This will contribute to its popularization and make it more demanding among the public.
It will be possible to pay for doctors’ services by tokens. The full-fledged launch of the digital currency sales is expected in the near future. The advantages of such way of payment will be reduced expenditures, tangible and temporary. Such approach will let be quickly consulted by professionals, no matter where you are, and pay for the provided services immediately.
The Doctor Smart platform will be also present medical articles that will help solve even the most difficult problems. Before being published, the information is thoroughly checked, so the publication of doubtful data is almost impossible. Authors of such medical articles and researches will gain rewards in tokens that then can be exchanged for products and services.
The 24-hour support will let annually save thousands of lives, as this is well known that it is easier to detect and solve the problem exactly at the earlier stage.
Innovative Platform Development
The main emphasis here is made on the promotion in social media and the person's popularity (number of friends and followers of his/her personal account or blog) play a big role. The more the audience is, the higher the reward for publishing the information will be.
In addition, the platform will be targeted exactly at the Asian market that is profitable not only from the financial point of view. There are also a lot of problems connected with the absence of an access to the full-fledged healthcare system. This especially regards to rural areas.
The Ecosystem

Doctor Smart is building a comprehensive agreement of social security administrations that will train clients from numerous nations to meet and manage in different health and restorative life-styles in single-window mode disconnected and on the web. Specialist Smart will offer a variety of arrangements in the telemedicine circle, incorporating on the web video conferences with specialists, in addition to other human service authorities, combination with portable medical devices, an emotional support network for restorative options, a classification framework based on in blockchain to evaluate the medicinal authorities, the medicinal arrangements of AI, and the combination with several biological systems, in addition, the databases that store restorative data. In this segment we represent the total utility of the biological system that Doctor Smart plans to execute by 2020.

Name of the token - DSTT
1 DSTT = 0.001 ETH
Currency - BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH, ZEC
Hardcap -$ 50M
Preliminary sales 17/04/2018 - 05/05/2018
Total sale May 16, 2013 - July 30, 2013
May 16 - May 24: bonus 20%
May 25 - May 31: bonus of 15%
June 1 - June 7: 10% bonus
June 8 - June 15: 5% bonus
June 16 - July 30: bonus 0%
The minimum amount - 0,1 ETH



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