Friday 24 August 2018


If you missed Bitcoin in 2009 never afford to miss another opportunity. #vidycoin is the best ICO project of 2018. it is a project with a vision and solution.

Vidy is the world’s first decentralized ad network, powered by the ethereum blockchain. Vidy’s ad platform allows advertisers to embed video ads directly into hyper-relevant website text, improving user experience, ad conversions and publisher payments.
With just a hold, users can now reveal tiny hyper-relevant videos embedded in the text of any page on the web, unlocking a whole new dimension of the internet. All ads are placed with an NLP consensus protocol driven by miners.
What is a VIDY Layer?
Vidy has created an invisible layer embed first page for video, run on the Ethereum blockchain.
With just a wait, users can now reveal small videos relevant to hyper hidden behind the text of any page on the web, unlocking a new dimension to the internet.
Why We Created Vidy
$ 16B Of funds lost each year stolen from advertising fraud.
$ 23 The cost of user data from unwanted ads each month.
44% Of all the ads that interact with humans, the rest are all bots.
21% Daily battery draining from unwanted ads
0.02% From banner ads tapped per 1000 impressions.
4.9% Interstitial ads that hijack your entire screen are tapped.
66% Of all ad fraud comes from videos, but videos account for only 44% of all ads.
$ 50b Of annual anticipated ad fraud losses for the next 10 years.
30% From advertisers demanding more real estate video ads.
VIDY Ecosystem
The Vidy ad placement mechanism is a proprietary open-source NLP protocol, run by miners, who automatically place large-scale video ads into highly relevant text from millions of publisher pages.
Publisher / Advertiser Dashboard

Publishers and advertisers get access to a dashboard where they can manage their campaigns and upload their video ads. They can customize direct campaigns, view statistics on individual campaigns and individual video ad performance, and view analytics on users and publishers to evaluate how their performance and copy and creative replications match it.

Video Ads
Hyper-relevant small circular video that appears while pressing Vidylinks.
Application Layer
The app layer is a video ad distributor facing consumers across the web, packaged in an SDK that can be installed just by a tap by any publisher,
Indexed Websites
Vidy indexes hundreds of millions of pages and parses natural language on the screen to match the NLP Protocol. This becomes the total inventory available for ad placement in a live ad campaign.
NLP Protocol
The Vidy ad placement mechanism is a proprietary open-source NLP protocol that automatically places video ads on a large scale to highly relevant text from millions of publisher pages.
Layer of Agreement
The consensus layer accepts user data along with ad performance information from the data layer and processes it as input in the script of the placement it is running. This is done concurrently by decrypting the submitted smart contract for the user's target data application.
Data Layer
The data layer is the foundation of the Vidy Ads distribution platform, simultaneously communicating with the application consensus layer, and transparently keeping all of the data entered in Vidy's ledger changed. The data layer stores records of all embed placements, hold time, VidyCoin payments, Stunning VidyCoin balances, and all VidyCoin transactions through a one-click purchase capital on the application layer.
Hold To Get VidyCoin
For the first time, when you see Vidylink and hold to watch that vidy ad, you make money. Vidy gives you compensation with VidyCoin (VIDY) for every second you hold. The longer you hold, the more you earn. You can even make purchases on those videos using VidyCoin with just one tap.
Vidy Distribution ?

Private Sale [COMPLETED]
Dates [ May 1 - June 15 ]
Tokens per ETH > 59,780
Token Price < 0.00001673 ETH
Tokens per ETH 59,780
Token Price: 0.00001673 ETH
Tokens per ETH 44,861
Token Price: 0.00002229 ETH

Q1 2018
Built in 2017 infrastructure
Assemble Advisor Team
Complete product demo
Prepare for ICO
Q2 2018
ICO Beta launch platform,
Pilot with Publishers
Q3 Ad platform 2018
Expand indexed site Uncover
OTP in
dashboard Control Production release
Integrate blockchain pieces
Q4 2018
Launches 10 web hooks
Grows databases from Vidys
Get 100 top advertisers
Launches user data container
Q1 2019
Launches V1 from
Index platform 1 million publisher pages.
Full dashboard release.
Complete the consensus layer NLP
Q2 2019
Uncover the V1 from blockchain
Launch Miner-driven protocol
Index 10 million pages publish
Expand on all web properties.


Vidy has accumulated millions of publisher partnership users, and has garnered interest from the world's largest brands.

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DISCLAIMER:This post was brought to you by Opeyemi being my personal project on Vidycoin campaign project

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