Sunday 11 November 2018


After the big Crypto-Boom in 2017, the amount of ICO and Token Sales has surged exponentially. According to, there are literally thousands of ICO’s and Tokens out there. Knowing which ICO or Token to invest in could potentially be a huge headache for many uninformed investors. Understanding which ICO’s would potentially grow into sustainable companies and which ICO’s would be worth investing is crucial to the investor’s return on investment (ROI).
Many ICO investors neglect to see an ICO as an IPO. An ICO “Initial Coin Offering” and an IPO, “Initial Public Offering”, is similar in many ways. When a company goes public with an IPO, before you invest, you would research the company. You would look at the stakeholders (Founders), the company’s assets, its market share, growth potential and much more. It seems like most people forget that when looking at ICO’s, they are blinded by the whole “Get Rich Quick” trend, and thus they ignorantly invest in ICO-Traps.
ICO Investors should consider the following:
How capable is the team, who are they?
What is the ICO about?
How does the Ecosystem work?
How will the coin be utilized?
How would funds be distributed?
How are the tokens being allocated?
How in depth is the Roadmap?
How does the Referral or Bounty Program work?
How strong is the Community?
How secure is the system? (Internet Security)
Of course, there are more to look for in an ICO before even considering investing, but exploring these 10 points will most definitely protect you from most scrap ICO’s out there.

Ternion is a hybrid licensed crypto exchange with a fiat gateway and integrated merchant services for institutional and retail clients. Ternion leads the revolution in the sphere of fiat-to-crypto exchanges
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