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So, you want to participate in a crowd sale and get your hands on some lucrative VENDICOIN TOKENS? Follow this easy step by step guide that will help you create your ERC20 token compliant wallet.
MyEtherWallet is a quick and easy way to setup a free wallet.
Let’s start:
Go to (Please make sure you are logging into the correct site: look for the lock picture and the [US]).
First, you will see a pop up introduction about MyEtherWallet — give it a quick read and click next until you’ve reached the end.
On the following screen, you will see a page that has NEW WALLET in the top left corner.
Choose a strong password, something that you don’t use for any of your other accounts, the password should contain at least 20 characters to be safe.
Then click “CREATE NEW WALLET” to confirm.
Next, you will receive your Keystore File (this file encrypts (protects) your private key). Take a minute to download the Keystore File. Please remember to not share this document with anyone, store it somewhere safe and make a backup, preferably not on the same computer.
The name of the file will be a long string of numbers and letters starting with UTC and then the date which you created your wallet. After saving the Key store file click on the “I UNDERSTAND, CONTINUE” button to continue.
The following page will display your Private Key information. The Private Key can unlock your wallet if you forget your password. So it’s very important to keep this private key safe.
If you lose access to your private key, you will lose access to your account and your tokens. So please, I can’t stress this enough. Keep it safe. You should save your private key to a safe location, preferably not on any device that is connected to the internet.
To access your wallet or to do any transactions on MyEtherWallet you will need the first file you downloaded. The Keystore file that starts with UTC and your password to unlock your wallet.
On the following screen, select VIEW WALLET INFO from the top menu
Select Keystore / JSON File
Click SELECT WALLET FILE (here, you will go and look for the Keystore File that starts with UTC that you saved on your computer or external drive)
And then type in your password and click UNLOCK.
I do not recommend logging into MyEtherWallet using your private key. If anyone is able to get access to your computer and see your private key or have access to your keystore file then they can easily access your wallet. There have recently been many reports of wallets of MyEtherWallet getting hacked. I highly recommend that you buy a hardware wallet such as Trezor ( or Nano Ledger ( and access your ether wallet this way.
The Vendi Token
Vendicoins token is the core of all transactions made in the Video Interactive Platform. No payment or transaction can be conducted without VENDI, which is regulated by smart contracts.The primary issue of VENDI tokens will be after the Token Sale.
The Video Interactive Platform (VIP) utilizes VendiCoins – VENDI tokens to feed all in-app and on-site transactional processes. VENDI tokens are at the epicenter of the Platform. No payment or transaction can be conducted without VENDI, which is regulated by smart-contracts. VENDI tokens are used by and directly benefit all parties involved.
VendiCoins are purpose-built Coins using the Vendio platform that will allow members to use engage in all in-app functions. VendiCoins are utilities tokens which give rights and privileges to their owners when using the Vendio platform and its services. VendiCoins are not securities. VendiCoins are available at a discount during the ICO & Pre-ICO events. Any unsold coins during the ICO will be burned.
ICO Details
General information
Token: VENDI
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Quantity: 50,000,000 VENDI
Price: 1 VENDI = 0.20 USD
Payment: ETH, BTC, BCH
Soft cap: 40,000 USD
Hard cap: 10,000,000 USD
KYC: Yes
Start: 09/15/2018
Completion: 08.10.2018
Start: 08.10.2018
Completion: 11/10/2018

Benefits of Token Vendi
Advertisers utilize VENDI tokens for the following;
Feed gas prices involved in bidding to run advertising campaigns on publisher content.
Feed gas prices involved in launching advertising campaigns.
Feed gas prices involved in rewarding publishers for driving views to campaigns on content.
Feed gas prices involved in funding account.
Reward viewers with VENDI tokens for engaging in their advertisements.
Deep discounts for using VENDI instead of fiat.
Advertisers with 5000 or more VENDI tokens deposited in the platform get deep discount on price per click
Publishers utilize VENDI tokens for the following;
Feed gas prices involved in listing content.
Feed gas prices involved in withdrawing account fund.
Reward viewers with VENDI tokens as an incentive to share content.
Deep discounts for using VENDI instead of fiat.
Viewers utilize VENDI tokens for the following;
Feed gas prices involved in withdrawing account funds.
Spend earned VENDI tokens on products and services offered by the advertiser.
Donate VENDI to their favorite content creating publishers.
VENDI token users get deep discount on vendor’s website when clicking an ad link.
Users of the platform are rewarded with VENDI tokens by referring new sign ups to the platform (Not valid during tokensale)

For more information, please visit:
ANN Thread:

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DISCLAIMER:This post was brought to you by Opeyemi being my personal project on Vendicoin campaign project

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