Wednesday 28 March 2018

BIRAKE – Cryptocurrency is the future


BIRAKE is built by a software company that has been operating since 2010 in the web software industry. We are a real company, we have become more active in the media industry and especially in South America. We have a portfolio and software solution that has supported more than 20 million users per day.
Starting with 2010 we have developed / implemented global content management systems for different industries. So far, our main business activities are the financial industry and the media. We are very experienced in industrial trading and end up with industrial cryptography for more than 5 years.
We strongly believe in the future of cryptocurrency and its main strength: the decentralization! We believe that allowing the market to be controlled by a single (or very few) privately owned exchange goes against this strength. This is why we believe that everyone should be able to create their own exchange with just a few clicks and that the orders should be openly shared across all exchanges in the market.

We’ve deployed automated trading systems, platform exchanges, and lately we’ve focused more on encryption areas. As traders and investors, we have overcome the situation of trading platform overloading in cryptographic areas. Especially in 2017, there are times when more than 50% of platform cryptography of trading has been overloaded and inoperable for a long period of time.
For this reason, we hope that the BIRAKE platform will come with a solution for end users, but also for companies that target business / information exchange in this field.
Furthermore, the BIRAKE platform that can be used successfully in newly-developed communities and coins, is eager to join a foreign platform. With BIRAKE, they will even be able to run their own trading platforms. Our team is dedicated to this project, has more than 10 years experience in web development and manipulation of large volumes of data and users. For 7+ years, we have been working day-to-day with technologies like Symfony3, Node.js, NoSQL data stores, AngularJS, ReactJS and others. We are constantly growing and always looking for new talented, and innovative members.
Our vision is simple. Cryptocurrency is the future, people need tools
to exchange and use these cryptos. We want to build the largest exchange
network. Moreover, we want to allow ICO communities, cryptocoins
communities and people from this industry to create their own trading
platform with few clicks.

Token BIR is a decentralized application (dapp) developed over Ethereum block, in accordance with ERC223 standard, which is an enhanced version of its predecessor ERC20 standard. The initial distribution of tokens will be made through TGE (Event Generation Token), where anyone can purchase a BIR token in return for ether or bitcoin (additional form of payment considered). Once we build the industrial agnostic software again, we will ask the vendor to use BIR to hire the BIRAKE software.
The Client will be able to pay the BIR tokens for the full software section or solution in the cryptocurrency area. Basically you can have a complete exchange software like WHITE LABEL that pays with BIRAKE token.
Total supply = 300,000,000 BIR tokens
TGE will distribute up to 75% of total token inventory, 225,000,000
pre-sales / sales (up to 30% / 45% of available tokens, respectively).
The remaining 25% token will be split between
advertising (15 million), token advisor & developer (40 million) and marketing &
communication (20 million). TGE management is done through the birake site.
In public presale, participants may obtain the token with
30% discount rate, 1 BIR = $ 0.07 USD. Token BIR will be exchanged
with a valuation of 1 BIR = $ 0.10 USD or equivalent of ether or bitcoin
(an additional form of payment is being considered).
Any unsaved tokens during TGE will be held in our company wallet as proof of backup for future development and working capital expenses.
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