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Erc20.Dog is the world first cryptocurrency created by dogs. So far, no human was able to create a decentralized platform integrated with tokens that had a real usage. Now dogs are coming to the rescue of man, now's when Erc20.Dog comes in. Erc20.Dog will be a decentralized application ecosystem backed by a large community that will be rewarded for its work and support to the project. This ecosystem will revolve around the DOG token, which will be directly integrated to the different applications.


The main objective of Erc20.Dog is to achieve a greater adoption of Blockchain technology by the average users. We will not go into detail of what are all the advantages of a decentralized network system because it is irrelevant and everyone interested in cryptocurrencies know them. We simply want to mention that to achieve greater adoption, we have planted different secondary objectives..

 Create platforms with real use cases

It is the first step to reach more people every day. We want to create something that people seek to do and have no choice but to resort to the use of Blockchain technologies and cryptography.
Facilitate access to crypto assets

Maybe today it is still difficult for many people to access this type of assets. With DOG, the goal is to reach the average user interested in the world of cryptocurrencies but does not access it due to its difficulty. Perhaps today it is still difficult to get into this world because it is not completely necessary for people, so we believe that this aspect goes hand in hand with the previous point. 

Give value to this technology 

Nowadays the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is pure speculation. People invest in the promise of what may value or become in the future. There is no real present value, or it exists in small quantities. After fully integrating the DOG token into an ecosystem of decentralized applications, we will have a token with real value, and we hope to motivate in this way the creation of other similar projects that may give more importance to the Blockchain technology

Here's a breakdown of the dogs token sale
The crowdsale of the DOG token will begin on March 20, 2018 at 00:00 UTC. It will last until April 1 at 00:00 UTC. The distribution of the tokens will be proportional to the amount invested. The only way to obtain DOG tokens in our crowdsale is by contributing to our smart contract with ETH, and the minimum investment is 0.025 ETH. The exchange rate will be 2,000 DOG for each invested ETH, which means that each DOG costs 0.0005 ETH. 60% of the total supply of DOG tokens will be placed on sale, for which the amount available in our crowdsale will be 600,000 DOG. Once all the tokens have been sold, the sale will automatically end and no further contributions will be received. This means that if all the tokens available for sale are issued, the received funds will total the sum of 300 ETH.

Token Distribution
The team had evaluated carefully on the distribution of tokens to ensure continued success of the project. This is how the tokens will be allocated.
- Crowdsale, 60%
- Community, 20%
- Bounty Program, 15%
- Team, 5%

As you can see, the team is not hodling a large percentage of tokens. This is a good sign that this project will not be a pump and dump one. There is strong focus on building of community through 20% of tokens allocation.

Fund Allocation
In terms of funds raised, it will be allocated in the following manner
- Development, 75%
- Dog Food, 10%
- Partners, 5%
- Marketing, 5%
- Legal, 5%

It is interesting to note that the bulk will be allocated to Development. This shows the committment of the team in ensuring the success of the project. 10% to dog food? We will probably find out what that means in due course. :)

Crowd Sale Information
Here are the token sale details on the upcoming crowdsale (Starts on 20 Mar 2018, ends on 31 Mar 2018)

Token symbol 

Total token supply 
1,000,000 DOG

Crowdsale supply 
600,000 DOG (60%)

300 ETH

Min. investment 
0.025 ETH

DOG rate 
1 ETH = 2,000 DOG

For more information visit:
Whitepaper: http://erc20.dog/whitepaper.pdf
 Author: Opeyemi Jayeoba

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