Sunday 25 March 2018



  • Junichiro Kawai

    President CEO
    Upon graduation from University, Junichiro joined USEN Corp. and received freshman MVP award. Involved in many new business launches from infrastructure, video to Cross-media. After his tenure at Sony Network Communications Co., Ltd., he joined subsidiary of an American company, Kamcord which provides video sharing service for smartphones, and he launched a Japanese corporation and operate business. When he met people who enjoy cosplay in the U.S., he saw big potential in cosplay market and decided to start up a company.  He founded Cure Inc. in February 2017, assuming the role of CEO.
  • Kiyoko Kato

    Kiyoko has been actively involved in connecting overseas Otaku events and Japan for 10 years. She is well connected with local organizers, and experts in Otaku scene in Asia and South America. She invites cosplayers overseas to Japan as well as vice versa. Not only does she support cultural exchange projects, but helps overseas events as coordinator staff. Capable of speaking 10 languages in varying levels.
  • Daisuke Nakagawa

    Executive Officer
    Extensive experience in business development. After 4 years of developing new national clients as ad sales at media company, he has engaged in acquiring video contents and contents’ rights alliance in broadcasting industry for 6 years. Afterwards he worked for U.S. based video streaming platform as business development/partnership manager. He joined Cure Inc. as an executive officer in Feb. 2018.
  • Yuuki Iwasaki

    After studying abroad, Yuuki joined a Game company upon finishing University. Then she handles back office and marketing tasks at foreign startups, as well as interpreting with headquarter for internal communication. Currently Yuki still handles back office and marketing tasks while translating articles and assuming role of contact person of cosplayers overseas.
  • Kazuki Foo Kaneshiro Ming Wei

    Graduated double degree, Bachelor in Computer Systems and Network Telecommunications and Bachelor of Science in Mobile Technology and Mobile Application Development from overseas universities. His skill sets are majoring in Network Engineering in Server Deployment, Cell Telecommunications Deployment, Programming. After graduation, Kazuki joins an American startup company specializing in Technology Development. In the meantime, he worked at Facebook San Francisco Bay Area for a short term. Upon completing the startup company Zenlab, Kazuki formed his company, BrewSpark Solution Technologies. He has a passion for cosplay.
  • Satoko Kitajima

    After graduation, Satoko entered Yahoo! Japan and engaged in Content Development as main engineer for 3 years, Satoko moved to the department of Information System for optics manufacturing for 4 years. Afterwards, she got back to web system development to work on backend system on mixi, niconico douga, and so on.
  • Tomofumi Yokoyama

    After his time as an editor for game-related publishers, he meets Otaku culture at Foreign startup and enters cosplay-sphere.  By being in touch with YouTubers and Nico video hosts, he became enchanted by Japanese pop culture, and changes his career to join Cosplay industry he always had a keen interest in. Currently he covers cosplay-related events, and assumes role of communicating with cosplayers.
  • Tatsumi Inui

    Before integration of Cure WorldCosplay, he was operating the website. He enjoys cosplay himself, for well over 25 years. In order to spread “cosplay in motion,” he carries the show in cosplay stage. He also makes effort for international exchanges, and frequently visits to serve as a judge in Cosplay contest at overseas Anime events upon invitation. He provides comments on cosplay for media including TV, Internet, newspapers, and magazines, and also engaged in promoting cosplay.


  • Hiroshi Tsurusaki

    Tecotec Inc. Founder & CEO
    Accomplished in development and operation of Fintech project such as securities settlement system and on-line portfolio management service. Experienced in setting up and operating a cryptocurrency exchange. Involved in implementing blockchain wallet himself. He has been taking a part in this project since the early stage, from advising ICO process to providing technical support. Tecotec Inc. joins the memberships of BCCC (Blockchain Collaborative Consortium) and JBA (Japan Blockchain Association) supporter.
  • Kiyotaka Higashide

    UPCROSS Inc. Founder & CEO
    Kiyotaka founded a development company in 2011, developing contents for smartphone including gaming contents. Currently he draws from his developer experiences to distribute contents. Well versed in Chinese due to his study for 4 years there, he is also in charge of coordinating with China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Before staring his on company, he involved in server-side programming, architect role, and more recently smartphone app development for over 10 years.
  • Shun Muramatsu

    Shun Had deeply engaged in staring blockchain and cryptocurrency business, such as DApps R&D, Ethereum & ConsenSys dedicated media, and R&D of ICO investment forecast, as Operating Officer. Taking advantage of his rich experiences in planning token design and token architecture as a project manager, he’s been leading token sale project & its consultation. He started his own company in 2013 after 4years at Cyber Agent.
  • Toshi Tanaka

    Takumi Innovators Founder and CEO
    Toshi is running an innovation & startup platform between Japan and China. Before starting this, he was with Deloitte Tohmatsu for 12 years and engaged in various range of projects including M&A advisory and investment consulting. Before joining Deloitte Tohmatsu, he engaged in development and sales of enterprise system as a system engineer. He holds a B.A. in aerospace & rocket engineering at University of Tokyo. He holds a U.S. CPA certificate and also passed accounting exam and tax exam of Chinese CPA.
  • Yudi Levi

    Local Coin Co-Founder and CTO
    Yudi Levi has been a technology entrepreneur for over 15 years. He is the creator of the Bancor Protocol and is currently the Co-Founder and CTO of LocalCoin, the developer of software promoting the Bancor Protocol. Before LocalCoin, he was the Co-Founder and CTO of Mytopia, Particle Code and AppCoin.


  • Kazumi Noomi

    A multilingual cosplayer from Taiwan, who speaks 5 languages and is also known as a model and active entrepreneur. She started cosplay in 2002.
  • Pugoffka

    A cosplay photographer and also a cosplayer from Ukraine. Her photography career started in 2009, and she has involved over 700 cosplay photoshoots and counting.
  • Ely

    A Cosplayer from Taiwan. Ely loves Cosplay and ACG culture so much. She has been creating her own character photo book. She’s been invited to many events as a special guest.
  • Gesha

    Russian cosplayer who is internationally active for 5 years. He’s also known as a wig maker and a model. He travels a lot and loves Asian countries, especially Japan. Currently he’s based in China.
  • Rikachuu

    A Cosplayer from Canada whose goal is to travel and go to conventions around the world! Rikachuu loves cosplay and has been creating and modelling cosplay for over 8 years.
  • SeeU

    #1 Female Cosplayer in China, followed by over 800K on Weibo. She’s especially famous in Asia and is a professional illustrator whose work has been adapted to many games in China.
  • Mikhail (A.Z.Production)

    A Cosplay Photographer in Germany. Photography has been always his passion, and he’s started counting Cosplay Photography as his biggest passion since 2014.
  • Isis Vasconcellos

    A cosplayer from Brazil. She has a YouTube channel where she makes cover songs, singing and playing the piano. When it is her favorite anime song, you can find her in the costume of the character.

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