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Optitoken is the first ever hyper-deflationary cryptocurrency,Optitoken is a hyper-deflationary cryptocurrency supported by an automated tokenized portfolio that utilizes professional trading techniques and economic strategies for token value optimization like strategic buy pressure and supply scarcity.

Optitoken aims to optimize utilization and adoption of cryptocurrencies and maximize the benefits of using it as your preferred value transfer mechanism.

Problems with Automation
The major problem to date is failure of robust and consistent safety measures. For example, in 2012 Knight Capital lost a total of $440 million dollars when its stock trading automation accidentally sold all the stocks it had bought a few days prior.
Optitoken’s theory on prevention of such events is to split the actively traded portfolio into smaller groups based on different fail-safe measures and also different strategies. A portion being left to human trading and rebalancing. Furthermore, OptiToken seeks to create customized solutions by working with the exchange itself to implement backup fail-safe measures and controls.
Problems with Machine Learning Implementation
The major idea that spurs development is to implement machine learning based on social network and media events. We believe this to be a fundamental flaw for several reasons.
a) The case is more often than not that once an event is in the “news” it is too late to partake in a particular trend. In the team’s experience this is very common, and chasing trends is never a shrewd trading strategy. However, one may still answer, what if you programmed to”sell the news?” The problem here is that any machine in this day and age is not sophisticated enough to weigh the importance or relevance of any particular headline. It would be reckless to try to game this strategy in a contrary manner.
b) With little to no regulation in place as of now, headlines can be manipulated too easily to supply concrete data to quantify or execute actions for. Not to mention the presence of propaganda social media accounts and social automations. An automation set to track increase in the posting of a particular cash-tag such as “$NMC” may be adversely affected by one individual acting as many,through the implementation of multiple fake accounts programmed to promote said coin in some public manner on the social media platform.

OptiToken’s Solutions
OptiToken is actively researching mechanisms peculiar to the space and will eventually implement learning patterns and behavior based on cryptocurrency metrics such as mining, transaction volume,hashing power movements, mempools and more. We believe these fundamental numbers tell the story of true sentiment and can be acted upon in small sized trades to “squeeze profit.” We believe that this type of trading is best when done only with a small portion of portfolio as to hedge against its inherent risk, yet still allows accumulation of significant profit over time.

OPTITOKEN ($OPTI) is an ethereum ERC20 token, which derives its value from an underlying portfolio and the price support created through careful buy pressure induced by buying Opti Token directly on listed exchange(s) with the profits of trading said portfolio.The tokens bought back are destroyed all these bought tokens immediately afterwards creating scarcity.The trading of the basket is based on a simple algorithm that is designed to buy low and sell high,and uses the Euro as a fiat instrument for stability when no buy target is available at the time of a sell.
Tokens in the basket were selected by the founder and team based on months of experiments and success creating profits from a similar but more primitive strategy. Tokens in the basket are not limited to a top market capitalization filter.The formula has been refined and will continue to be optimized as it moves forward.The picks that Opti will focus on are tokens with strong communities,sufficient volume,strong marketing presence, strategic partnerships and especially active open-source development on their respective source codes.
Unique niche market coins that could be considered to have reasonable or undervalued market capitalization are also part of the strategy and in special cases OptiToken can seek to incorporate, in a small amount,cryptocurrencies or investments not listed on Bitfinex.All of the tokens in the basket should have concrete and active development.

Sales Period: Q2 2018
Token type: ERC 20,
Total stock of atorium blockchain token: 280,000,000 OPTI
available for purchase : 196,000,000 OPTI
Hard Cap: 24,000,000 Euro
Soft Cap: 225,000 EuroNo new coin will be created or mined after ICO is over, All unsold tokens remaining will be destroyed.
Token Distribution
Public sale: 70%
Team: 14%
Future development and Talent: 4%
Investors: 2.5%
Bounty and Airdrop: 5%
Advisors: 2.5%
Legal: 1%
Security: 1%


Words alone cannot overemphasized this great project,lets join this revolution

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Author: Opeyemi Jayeoba
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