Sunday 22 April 2018


Thanks to the blockchain technology a new era of progress is here, we can call it a decentralized revolution. Many uprising projects are creating a new reality in which we don't need to depend on central authority controlling and having insights into our lives. One of the most important projects and leaders of the decentralized revolution is taking our location data from the hands of central authorities and making us independent. The name of this project is ADOSIA
Adosia has been a leader in ad-tech and publishing since 2010, but in 2017 the highly skilled and experienced hardware, software and engineering experts from Adosia began the development and production of blockchain-based IoT technologies and initiatives.
Adosia is leveraging technology, which is ERC20 equivalent and at the same time working on a multi-prolonged approach o leveraging of the future third gen technologies, ass cryptocurrencies move into their third generation.
Adosia is a platform which incorporates revolutionary Ad Tech, IoT automation technology as well as educational curriculums.
The total supply of ADO is 8,000,000,000 units.
  • The 80% Public allocation includes public sale (93.164%) and private sale (6.836%) token allocations.
  • ADO tokens may be acquired when purchasing authorized Adosia IoT hardware products and kits. ADO may also be purchased at any time by Adosia IoT Platform users having IoT hardware connected to the Adosia platform, or by Adosia Ad Platform users. Adosia Publishers will be among the first public recipients of ADO, as they are now able to toggle between being paid in ADO vs fiat for the ad revenue generated by their web assets using Adosia Ads. Adosia Publishers are actively earning ADO and the first ADO payments will be issued to publishers in June 2018 (for March earnings cycle).
  • Adosia will conduct a discount token sale upon releasing our first IoT hardware products. Unallocated public tokens will be secured and stored in Adosia addresses. Adosia will use unallocated tokens over time to enable easy allocation of ADO for distribution for fiat-initiated subscription payments, to issue payouts to Adosia Publishers or hardware miners, to create community, employee or other forwardlooking funds, to issue other user rewards, incentives, payments, or to conduct development initiatives. This enables a viable means for continued project funding and organizational sustainability.
  • Tokens issued or allocated to Adosia team and advisors will be locked, with 1/24 of an individual’s total issued token amount unlocking monthly over a period of 24 months (see ADOVault.sol in git).
  • The 2% social/marketing team allocation will be secured in an Adosia address and made available for immediate operational use.
Author: Opeyemi Jayeoba
Bitcointalk Profile Link:;u=1925101

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