Friday 13 April 2018


About Iagon

IAGON is a platform for harnessing the storage capacities and processing power of multiple computers over a decentralized Blockchain grid. IAGON utilizes and enables to store big data files and repositories, as well as smaller scales of files, and to carry out complex computational processes, such as those needed for artificial intelligence and machine learning operations, within a fully secure and encrypted platform that integrates Blockchain, cryptographic and AI technologies in a user- friendly way.
Our vision is to create a Global Supercomputer, powered by Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain Technology. This is achieved with integration across all smart devices, thus creating a seamless experience that effectively and efficiently serves the needs of its users.
How it works
Decentralized and Secure Cloud Platform Develop a one stop solution for a decentralized cloud-based service.
Artificial intelligence
We use a combination of machine learning algorithms, neural networks and blockchain technology to secure our platform.
Integrated DApps
Our trusted and integrated decentralization app lies on one platform for each type of user.
Earn revenue by sharing your computer resources including processing and storage.
Smart Contract
Anyone can create their own smart contract on a user-friendly interface without writing any code lines.
Decentralized Safe Storage
Our unique, exclusive, secure, and encrypted distributed storage solutions use blockchain and sharding protocols.
Utilizing the Blockchain and Tangle technology hybrids, we aim to revolutionize the storage and processing of decentralization.
8,333,333 Tokens will be allocated for this bounty campaign.
→ Campaign 1: YouTube, Blog posts, Articles Bounty – 20%
→ Campaign 2: Twitter Bounty – 15%
→ Campaign 3: Facebook Bounty - 15%
→ Campaign 4: Reddit Bounty – 10%
→ Campaign 5: Telegram Bounty - 10%
→ Campaign 6: Bitcointalk Signature Bounty – 20%
→ Campaign 7: Translation – 5%
→ Campaign 8: Linkedin – 5%

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