Saturday, 28 April 2018


Did you know that the average utility consumers stand in queues for 20 minutes every time they pay their bills and, they do so 3 to 4 times per month? That’s an average of 90 minutes just queuing! Fortunately, now those queues have just got a whole lot shorter, in fact they no longer exist thanks to Treon!
Treon is a token based mobile dashboard and wallet solution for utility bill payments, especially designed for the billions of customers using public utilities to settle their bills using blockchain smart contract technology. Treon is a new form of private, instant, verified and reliable transaction.Easy and convenient, Treon is totally transparent and trustworthy, a one-stop- shop for utilities bill payments through just the one dashboard. Real-time, trackable and cost reductive,Treon makes paying your bills effortless and seamless, from virtually anywhere.
Treon is a platform on the Ethereum blockchain built to enable consumers around the world to manage and pay their monthly utility bills for usage on telecom, electricity, gas, and water networks. The mobile phone as a mainstream digital, always-on tool is one of the corner-stones of Treon’s business model and mass adoption strategy for the billions of consumers.
Treon aims to become the new “Utilities Money” to transact on and off utility networks. We envision a world where banked and unbanked consumers are equally enjoying the convenience and security of knowing and paying for what they used from minutes of voice calls,gigabytes of data, kilowatts of electricity, thermal units of natural gas, or gallons of potable water. All from one online and consolidated dashboard running on their smartphones and paying for such usage using the currency of their choice --crypto or fiat - by few simple clicks.
Treon is a robust, modular, Ethereum blockchain-based, decentralised utility payment gateway and processing wallet app that any consumer can use from around the world to pay their utility bills. Treon aspires to become the tool and token of choice in a completely decentralised and inexpensive way.
For unbanked customers, there are assured benefits of using TXO tokens. Obviously, there is a learning curve for the customers to learn to access TXO as a settlement tool so in the interim we are offering and will continue to offer other payment tools. Treon’s core purpose is to provide all sorts of payment methods that exist today for the customers around the world to try to ease their day to day pain as we foresee that cryptocurrencies will be part of the regular day to day transactions soon.
The Treon team and advisors came together with the aspiration to “make history”. The team’s vision is to create an innovative platform leveraging latest crypto and blockchain technology to spearhead the digital transformation of utilities around the world. Team aims to create world’s most significant decentralised payment wallet application for utilities.
Treon founders formed an experienced team with extensive industry expertise in telecom,energy, blockchain, and high-tech industries. Team members have proven track records in starting up, scaling, and growing profitable multi-billion dollar companies. Team members worked in global companies in:
Fixed and mobile telecom operators in North America, Africa, Asia,
and Europe:
Vodafone, Vimpelcom, Orange, STC, Zain, MTN, Virgin Mobile, Mobily, AT&T
High-tech and Technology blue chips
Cisco, Qualcomm, HP
Branding, communication, and Advertising Agencies
Leo Burnett, Lippincott, McCann Worldgroup, JWT
Management Consulting
PWC, Strategy&, Accenture, EDS, Logica
Energy and Green Power
Schlumberger, Duke Energy, Powerhive
Crypto and Blockchain
XchangePal, XchangeRate, Kryptonight, Coinason
All team members are crypto and high-tech entrepreneurs with few of us having done few successful tech exists. Get to know each member at the end of the document. Here are most of the companies we individually helped startup and grow and worked for.

43% of the 1 billion total supply will be sold during Presale and the ICO pro-
ceeds (less ICO related costs) will be distributed as follows: -
Technology 60%
Marketing 25%
Operations 10%
Legal & Admin 5%
57% of TXOs will be allocated for future minting, ecosystem, founders and
team (over 10 years), as follows:
Reserve 84%
Founders 9%
Ecosystem 5%
Team 2%

For more information please visit:
Bitcointalk profile link:;u=1925101

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