Saturday, 14 April 2018


 Safein offers a blockchain-based, single-sign-on digital wallet. It enables the access to websites and other third-party services with a single click, eliminating the need for people to create and verify numerous accounts with many different login and password combinations. In addition, Safein returns control over personal information to its true owners — the people who are the subjects of the data . Safein discloses to websites and apps only the data elements that have been explicitly approved by a user, and by providing users with the ability to stop the sharing of data with any particular third-parties at any time. Safein also simplifies making and receiving electronic payments — whether denominated in classic, fiat currencies or in cryptocurrencies — by leveraging the same digital identity capabilities that it uses for authorization. Safein’s initial target markets include the cryptocurrency and gaming sectors, within which its management team enjoys significant prior experience and successes.
Bounty Details:

Help us in spreading the word about Safein in the crypto-community, and be rewarded!

Token Pool: 5,000,000 SFN tokens (equivalent to USD 500,000 if computed with the regular issue price of the tokens)

Start Date: 28th FEB, 2018
End Date: 31st MAY, 2018 or the date on which we reach the hardcap (40,000 ETH) (whichever is earliest)

The official telegram group for bounty discussion is: Please use this for Bounty related queries, do not post these in the main Safein channel.

Token pool distribution structure:
Signature campaign: 20%
Twitter campaign: 10%
Facebook campaign: 10%
Content creation campaign: 35%
Youtube campaign: 5%
Telegram campaign: 5%
Whitepaper and ANN threads translation: 15%
Be part of this great work, their ideas are INCREDIBLE
For more:
Website | Telegram | Medium | LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube
Bitcointalk profile link:;u=1925101

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