Thursday 26 April 2018


The blockchain technology is more than Bitcoins which you buy and sell to get profit. It can touch our daily lives. It can bring social change. It can benefit everyone in the ecosystem.I want to share blockchain projects that are applied in our daily lives and bring returns to participants.
So here it goes.
• To evaluate and analyze each application to know if the Startup can move to the next phase and be developed with the NOVA Foundation.
• To launch ICO for Startup after Incubation Process is completed.
• To provide Smart Contract, Advisory, Digital Strategy, and ICO Services for Startups
• To receive incoming applications from Startups


The total amount of token available is 2,600,000,000 SPTX. The largest percentage of the SPTX tokens, 33 percent, will be used for public sale. Next, 494,000,000 SPTX, which is 19 percent of the token will be reserved for M&A. Another 18 percent will be allocated for business development, while 15 percent goes to management.
Finally, the remaining 13 percent is divided among advisors, developers and bounty. A total of 260,000,000 SPTX goes to the advisers, 26,000,000 SPTX reserved for bounty and 52,000,000 SPTX for developers.


The public sale of SprintX will be divided into two; the pre ICO and ICO. The Pre ICO, which started on March 19th and ends on April 10th 2018 will have a total of 186,550,000 SPTX for sale. The pre ICO sale comes with a 30 percent bonus.
However, at the ICO, 723,450,000 SPTX will be available for sale at the regular price. And this event begins on the 23rd of April till 23rd of June.
There are reward programs in place to make the ICO more attractive to investors. Apart from the 30 percent bonus that comes with the pre ICO, the SPTX token (being a security token), makes them entitled to a quarterly dividend from the exchange’s profit.
That means, every quarter, profit earned due to transactions made on SwitchX will be distributed to all token holders. But, the percentage due will depend on the amount of token held by the investors.
In addition to this, SPTX token holders will enjoy reward from the ten percent of the Tokens generated by the ICO that will be managed by the company. It is expected that this token will generate a greater volume within the exchange.

For more information please visit:
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ETH Address: 0x5B606c2F10687e77dc7Fe644E429320C6a39Df63

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