Saturday 28 April 2018


FlipNpik, a collaborative social media tailored for local businesses

FlipNpik has already an app available on iOS and Android.
Local businesses are struggling to compete with large retailers and e-commerce giants. These local shops rarely have the resources needed to stay in the game. An innovative solution is therefore required to allow them to maintain a competitive edge. FlipNpik’s new blockchain-based collaborative social media provides a way to accomplish this goal.
By bringing users, businesses and service providers together, the 360 ecosystem create a symbiotic relationship that benefits all participants. Local shops benefit from increased visibility, consumers can find special offers and win real rewards in return for their positive actions, while ambassadors partners can participate actively in the promotion of their favorite business and be remunerated by merchants.
The FlipNpik token will be issued on the Stellar Blockchain. It can be used by businesses to buy Premium services, users can deposit FNP to become an Ambassador partner and finally consumers will be able to use it on marketplaces. FlipNpik chose the Stellar platform for their scalable volume of transactions with minimum fees. Merchants will have a practical solution to promote their businesses and easily set up an online store at low cost. Thus, small businesses will have a new point of sale allowing them to reach new clients.
FlipNpik is not another project coming out of nowhere: the commercial social network is already used in the Montreal metropolitan area. The mobile app, available on iOS and Android, allows users to discover the charms and secrets of their favorite merchants. This encouraging success and proof-of-concept gave rise to a collaboration with a new FlipNpik team in Europe to launch an ICO.
An expert team in business development, public finance, technology development and marketing is working on FlipNpik. Its CEO, Henri Harland, is an expert in finance and public financing. His vision and sense of entrepreneurship and execution helped one of his companies to become the first to extract and therapeutically exploit krill oil. Participating in the listing of several companies on the stock market, Henri Harland built his legacy by creating and sharing value and he wants FlipNpik to follow the same steps.
About fifteen strategic collaborators also work for FlipNpik to bring their expertise in content creation, design, events, communication or to have valuable legal advice. FlipNpik also relies on the support and involvement of Chaineum, the European leader in strategy and advice for cryptocurrency fundraising, and AmaZix, the world’s leading community management and engagement firm.
Large retailers and digital marketplaces dominate the commercial landscape, but offer little to local communities in terms of economic advantage. FlipNpik’s social media ecosystem will help turn the tables by giving local businesses the tools they need to succeed. Through creating incentives for local user’s participation, the power to succeed can be put back into the hands of local communities.
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