Saturday 21 April 2018


One of the most talked-about topics in the financial services industry today is blockchain and is the current biggest market disruptor. It was initially designed to facilitate, authorize, and log the transfer of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are digital money that use the blockchain technology to facilitate secure and anonymous transactions. The statistics as of today, show the market cap of crypto currencies at US $502,375,504,565 with block chain technology serving as its back bone. This combination is being further linked to various industries with an anticipation to revolutionize the traditional approach to businesses and reap benefits including cost reduction, faster settlements and increased transparency.
We are a network of companies, with one common goal: to embrace all sport participants and providers, and encourage people from all over the world to do more sports.
We all know that increasing the amount of physical activity is good for us. Not only do sports and physical activities stimulate and sustain our health, sports also enhance our performance skills and increase our well-being. However, too few of us practice sports and exercise regularly and consistently.
Key information

  • The BEAT token Pre-Sale runs from January 23rd, 2018 to February 20th, 2018
  • The BEAT token Sale runs later on from February 20th, 2018 to May 15th, 2018
  • BEAT Token: Ethereum ERC-20 - capped at 5,000,000,000 Tokens
  • 70% of all available BEATs are allocated to the token sale - unsold tokens from this allocation will be burned
  • Participate with Ether more options including fiat will be added in future phases
  • No Minimum Contribution - feel free to contribute 1 Wei ;-)
  • Exceptional Team: 140 employees, 40 developers, experienced management team and professional advisors
  • Trading: expected to be traded on multiple exchanges
  • Initial Token Price: 1 BEAT = 0.01 EUR. This price will increase every week by 0.001 EUR
  • Referral Program: multi level referral program. 15% bonus direct referrals, additional 5% bonus for referrals by your direct referrals.
  • Bounty Program: available on
  • Product: already several hundred man-years invested in research & development, dominant market-leader in Germany, ready to scale worldwide  

 Achievements and Roadmap
 2014: Start of development of Magicline 2.0 - the leading cloud software for managing the day-to-day operations of sports, fitness and health providers
2015-16: Development of the ecosystem to digitize sport facility management; Incorporation of Eurofit24 GmbH to provide financial services currently managing volume of 50 million Euro of receivables per year. Incorporation of GmbH and MySports GmbH to provide a role model for e-commerce Start of the development of the app "NoExcuse" by MySports Magicline 2.0 has been developed with 140 person team working on it Founded Eurofit24 GmbH to provide financial services, currently managing a receivable volume of 50 million euros per year
2017: Magicline 2.0 is released; 3,000 customers are migrated to Magicline 2.0 which becomes a full success Release of the first version of the NoExcuse app, being part of the customer interface for people to interact with their sports providers, as e.g. fitness studios
2018: BEAT Token Sale launches and publication of an enhanced version of NoExcuse
2019: Roll-out of the BEAT Ecosystem in Germany
2020: Roll-out of the BEAT Ecosystem to the world
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