Saturday 28 April 2018


Their mail popped up in my mail,i felt it was a scam,but when i checked their website and whitepaper i was thrilled so am inviting you too to join this revolution.
copy of their mail:
Having the success of a professional crypto-trader - without the day-to-day hassle. That's what everyone dreams of. But up to now, the only way to make it as a crypto-investor was to monitor the markets 24/7 and be ready to act at any moment.

With Smarter Than Crypto, we set out to change this: our revolutionary "token as a portfolio" concept lets you automatically invest in the top 20 coins by market cap.

We want to create a token that is a game changer for crypto-investing. And we want to do it together with YOU. That's why I am happy to invite you to join STC’s bounty program today:
SMARTER THAN CRYPTO (“STC”) is the world’s first cryptocurrency-only Smarter Than Beta tokenized portfolio, that will autonomously maintain a diverse portfolio of up to the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization ACTIVELY MANAGED. SMARTER THAN CRYPTO‘s scientifically proven quantitative model is achieving twice the upside of Bitcoin or Ethereum but only having 1/3 of the market‘s downside.
We make it easy for everyone to trade and invest into the new asset class "crypto currency"
•   No middle men
•   Limited Supply (no unsold tokens)
•   Liquidity through Smart Contract
•   Token price cannot fall below portfolio value
SMARTER THAN CRYPTO cuts out the middleman and is thus able to offer the lowest fees in the industry.
SMARTER THAN CRYPTO has an annual fee of 0%. SMARTER THAN CRYPTO can offer such low fees because it is independent and automated. Index strategies are a set of rules that an algorithm can act on with no human intervention required.
SMARTER THAN CRYPTO is an ERC20 token based upon the Ethereum blockchain. Operating on the blockchain allows for global accessibility, 24/7 trading, transparency, public verification of SMARTER THAN CRYPTO’s holdings and no expensive legacy banking fees.
The tokens value is linked directly to the underlying cryptocurrency assets of up to 20 top coins by market capitalization held by SMARTER THAN CRYPTO via the innovative price floor mechanism implemented in our smart contract. The smart contract allows participants to cash out for their share of the underlying assets at any time.
This means that SMARTER THAN CRYPTO’s value on exchange will be protected - it will be irrational to sell at a price lower than the tokens share of the underlying assets if a higher price is offered via the smart contract and can therefore not fall below the portfolio value.
Token holders are free to sell or exchange their tokens at any time and pay no exit fees, broker fees or advice fees. No Minimum.
The only opportunity for future participants to buy these tokens post-ICO will be from ICO participants on exchange – no further tokens will be sold or minted.
Security is extremely important and the smart contract code was audited by an independent third party. Expert advisors were consulted, best practices implemented and strong identity verification procedures put in place to prevent Sybil attacks and bad actors from compromising SMARTER THAN CRYPTO. SMARTER THAN CRYPTO’s holdings will be audited and the audit report made public post-ICO.
STC tokens will be exchange listed. High demand from fiat investors will generate a token price premium.
Token Type: ERC20, Ethereum Blockchain
Token Symbol: STC
Maximum Supply (Hard Cap): 100,000,000
Available for Purchase: 87,000,000
Price per token:
Pre-sale: $0.90 (first 10,000,000 tokens)
First 48 hours of ICO: $0.95
48 hours to week 2 of ICO: $1.00
Week 2- till end of ICO: $1.05
No new coins will be minted, created or mined after the ICO
Private Pre Sale: 1st April 2018, 8.00 am UTC until 13th May 2018, 8.00 am UTC
Main Sale Period: 13th May 2018, 8.00 am UTC until 10th June 2018, 8.00 am UTC
Team tokens will vest over two years via a smart contract 'vault' to align team incentives with ICO participants.
The SMARTER THAN BETA strategy is intellectual property of the fully regulated and licensed investment manager Salus Alpha Capital. The SMARTER THAN BETA portfolio optimization technology is in production since 14 years on hedge fund strategies and will be used for disrupting the ETF market. The SMARTER THAN BETA portfolio optimization technology is able to outperform any index in any asset class by delivering 40% more return with 40% less risk.
A full list of teams and advisors is available on the SMARTER THAN CRYPTO website.
Bitcointalk Url:;u=1925101

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