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Digital currency has now swung to a noteworthy wellspring of wage for everybody, everyone need to get what they can from it. The rate at which the quantity of coins are expanding step by step is extremely voluminous which a large portion of them are trick, speculators now think that its hard to locate the one which will suit them to contribute on. Most financial specialists which don't know much about digital money who simply choose to contribute tremendous measure of cash on a specific coin wind up increase lesser than what they contributed or notwithstanding losing their entire reserve all in light of not snatching the data which they are assume to make utilization of.


With the assistance of Acutecoin all the issue list above will a relic of days gone by. (Individuals or organizations who offer cash to help begin organizations) remain to profit significantly usingAcuteCoin. It utilizes an unpredictable arrangement of PC guidelines to test/assess a merchant's execution and after that makes a (blend of stocks, bonds, and so on./record gathering) for each tried/assessed broker. The (general population or organizations who offer cash to help begin organizations) can utilize this (blend of stocks, bonds, and so forth./report gathering) to settle on shrewd venture choices.

How it works

Token Details
Coin name: AcuteCoin
Coin symbol: XAC
Max supply: 42, 000, 000
Price: USD$0.60 = 1 XAC
Accepted payments: BTC/ETH
Total number of coins created: 42.000.000
Total coin supply on sale: 10,000,000
Pre-sale bonus: 100%
The AcuteCoin ICO will start from 1st of May 2018- 5th of May 2018 which is the first round of the ICO out of the 7th round which will be conducted. The earlier you join the token sale the higher bonus you will grab see beneath the diagram showing the token illustration depending on the round.
Formation of Team and Vision
Project Start
Project start-up by management team. Strategic partnership formed with small scale mining operation.
Platform Development initiated Developers begin work on platform
MARCH 2018
Marketing of AcuteCoin platform begins Continued platform development and testing Whitepaper released. Website Launched
APRIL 2018
AcuteCoin ICO launch
Final testing phases of Lending feature.
Development begins on Exchange feature.
Windows and Mac Wallets deployed Blockexplorer released
MAY 2018
Exchange and Lending Platform Opened AcuteCoin holders can now participate in the internal exchange and commence lending. External Exchange listing Mining Farm introduction
JUNE 2018
Mining Farm Launch Mining contracts initiated resulting in long-term stability on the community and platform Updated Road Map released
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DISCLAIMER:This post was brought to you by Opeyemi being my personal project on Acutecoin campaign project

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