Monday 21 May 2018

GrabAmeal is a profitable meal

Three Reasons, GrabAmeal is a profitable meal sharing platform for you!

GrabAmeal is a peer to peer meal sharing platform that is blockchain empowered and here cooks and culinary artists like chefs, food enthusiasts, etc. can enlist and service providers for sharing home cooked meals for food buyers who have booked their meals by placing online orders.
For obvious reason GrabAmeal is offering cooks and chefs, willing to join this meal sharing platform, an amazing business opportunity with three unique benefits.
Recognition as a registered food seller with trust and transparency
GrabAMeal is a global food marketplace where food sellers can enlist their names as cooks. This is done when the sellers can describe their culinary skill or their passion for cooking tasty meals for their buyers against their online placed orders.
When registering on GrabAmeal, sellers have to record all the relevant data, KYC details, etc. which will be recorded in GAM Blockchain. Depending on the buyers’ review and assessment, sellers can upgrade their profile from normal to premium category.
Earning money by using sparing time and passion for cooking
GrabAmeal offers immaculate scope to turn a cook’s passion for cooking quality foods into a legitimate business that earns respect for the seller as well as it helps in earning money. On GAM platform all earning will be in GAM crypto token, which owners can convert into fiat currency.
Like Airbnb home concept, GrabAMeal can help you in opening home based restaurant where food buyers will get to enjoy quality homemade foods at cost efficient price.
Immaculate advantage to earn extra by joining dispute resolution protocol of GrabAmeal
GrabAmeal runs on three protocols: dispute resolution is one of them. In this process, food sellers can help in resolving disputes between buyers and a specific food seller if any. The food seller can cast a vote and help the editors in finding an amicable solution for the dispute. The seller can earn GAM token for his/her participation in this dispute resolution.
Besides selling fresh homemade meal, by joining and nurturing the food community on GrabAmeal platform both food sellers and buyers can earn GAM token in their GAM wallet. For food buyers this is a unique scope of earning extra and for food sellers, it is an unique way to enhance the authenticity and trust factor integrated to his sellers’ profile.

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