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Kaching Coins

What is Kaching Coins?

By-Opeyemi Jayeoba
I wrote about Kaching ICO couple of days back and i thought sharing this wonderful project again would worth a while….Be part of this great project friends
What is Kaching Coins?
Kaching Coins(KAC) will be sole mechanism for transferring value within the ecosystem-breathing life in all subsystems and micro-ecosystems by offering a complete investment and trading ecosystem- We create value for both the investor and user of KAC. Kaching Coins is truly the most utilizable token. With a finished product ready to be tested by Pre-ICO investors, Kaching Coins is the world’s most complete investment ecosystem, powered by Blockchain. Kaching is one of the results of the development of the blockbuster industry that has experienced good performance and excellent ideas based on a system that directly opens up opportunities for investors to be more open with symbolic investments. Being one of the first platform platforms to be generated, this company wants to realize and help investors to worry more about the economic weakness that many are suffering in the world in the concept of mutual assistance as an investment that can be exchanged by registered users in this block chain. Some Important Points of the Kaching Platform This will be the moment when most registered investors or potential investors who start their business on this platform will be in business.
Answer the terms and conditions on the Kaching platform is a source of income that will ensure the balanced value of a mutually beneficial ecosystem between buyers and sellers. In this case, if the investor is an economic concept that has an average probability greater than the return on investment capital, symbolic sales will be more common among investors who want to make a profit on this platform. Being able to contact the following projects is a huge effort in a legal and safe project for trading tobacco products and tokens in the pulp and paper industry, starting to work and performing a balanced analysis system in one of your own tactics and ideas directed by many investors. Kachinga decentralized platform for blocking, which is aimed at creating investments that affect the positive side of managing the funds that will be invested in this platform; in other words, this platform is a place for investors around the world.
March 31st marks the advent of KachingCoins’ pre-ICO sale. Having years of experience in Stocks and Forex trading and investment, also Business Development, the founders of Kaching have done extensive research on how to build a Sustainable and Complete Trading and Investment Ecosystem for Kachingcoins to be utilized and flourish. We have analyzed hundreds of ICO projects, the good ones, the bad ones, and the downright ugly ones. Knowing what works and applying our expertise and skills in a market we are famous for, we are confident that we have built the best ecosystem out there.
In a recent interview with Vitalik Buterin done at the ETHWaterloo hackathon held in Canada, he stated that more than 80% of ICO’s or ERC20 tokens launched on the Ethereum Platform will most likely fail. One of the major reasons for this failure is the lack of a sustainable business model (Ecosystem and no way to really utilize the coin in the ecosystem. Having a solid understanding of what Buterin said, Kaching has managed to design and create the perfect ecosystem for Kachingcoins.
Consider fiat currency, the time of the gold standard has been long gone, and the only reason fiat currency has got value is believe it has value, supply demand, and of course, a marketplace where it can be utilized. For a token or ICO to be sustainable it needs a few key underlying uses to be valuable. It needs a strong Ecosystem, a marketplace where the coin can be utilized, not just strong, but also large. Kaching Ecosystem has built its foundation strongly in the Forex, Stocks, Trading and Investment Industry, a market size of over USD$5 Trillion. Secondly, there needs to be a scarcity of the coin in order to create a deeper and stronger demand for the coin, Kachingcoins will be non-minable with only 247 000 000 KAC being released. Finally, there has to be a definite potential for market space expansion. Kaching Ecosystem already consists of KachingGlobal (Social Trading Platform), KachingBroker, KachingExchange (Crypto Exchange), KachingAcademy (Trading and Financial Training Institutes), Kaching R&D Lab (Future Fintech Products and current EA’s and AI’s) and of course Kachingcoins (KAC) the center and source of power of the Kaching Ecosystem.
In the future we will expand into further places of investment and capital growth, to truly become the Most Sustainable and Most Complete Trading and Investment Ecosystem Powered by Blockchain, this to provide tremendous value for each and every participant of the Kaching ICO.
Why Kaching Is Different And Better,, and are only a drop in the notorious water can of online site with article asserting that digital money is speedier, more secure, and more convienent than some other contenders out there. Fueled by blockchain, this is asserting kaching isconfidently demonstrate as we advance to wind up the most total exchanging and invesment biological system on the planet.
Kaching will don an assortment of exchanging item. With 160 exchanging instrument in 7 classifications; Forex, Stocks, Indices, Metal, Energy, Cryptocurrency, and Agriculture, Kaching will be a standout amongst the most, expanded exchanging stage on the planet. Join that with the other administration we give; Brokerage, Exchange, Payment System, Banking and Wallet Solutions, Fund and Venture Capital, Social Trading and R&D, Kaching will really turn into the Silk Route of Financial Tranding in the 21st Century.
How does KachingCoin provide solutions for the crypto market?
Using the strength of Blockchain, Kaching aims to address all market needs in the Financial Trade Industry. Transparency, Accountability, Safety, Security, Speed, and Trust are the key needs of the market, Kaching has fulfilled this need by becoming the first Social Chain Block and Investment Platform.
So how does Blockchain respond to Transparency, Accountability, Safety, Security, Speed, and Trust needs? To answer this question, let’s look at the following diagram first.
According to, ‘Blockchain overcomes the fundamental weakness of security by taking the human factor out of the equation, which is usually the weakest link. By utilizing distributed ledgers and taking the risk of a single point of failure, blockchain technology provides end-to-end privacy and encryption while ensuring user convenience. “- (Omri Barzilay, 2017)
Moving from a centralized institution where third-party manipulation and human error are more frequent than would be comfortable with, the decentralized ledger distribution by powerful blockchain algorithms is a fun end goal.
So it is not surprising that some of the largest technology and banking companies in the world are now investing in blockchain. According to, Microsoft, IBM, JP Morgan, and even Toyota are just a few of these global giants who are named from a very long list.
Why choose KachingCoin?
There is an inherent need especially in developing countries, on easy storage and withdrawal services. Using Kaching tokens, powered by chain blocks, and a combination of local payments and other smart payment systems, deposits and withdrawals have never been easier. Safe, secure, traceable and fully transparent.
Kaching has identified three major Client archetypes; Broker, Investor, and Investment Manager (Trader). Understanding the needs of each Client Archetype, we have skillfully tailored our service to answer these important points.
Brokers will be accepted to create their own company profile on the Kaching Social Trading Platform. Here they will be able to reach larger markets and communicate easily to prospective traders, even IBs
Launch your own social investment platform
Easier client acquisition by targeting investors
Increase assets under management
Exponential increase in volumes traded
Revenue sharing based platform aligning all user to a common goal
Expand business with fund managers and professional traders
Participant Ecosystem
Kaching Social Trading Platform (Kaching.Global)
Issues to be addressed by asset managers are challenging. Operating financial funds requires specialized knowledge in finance, computing skills, marketing costs, as well as other costs. Everything is more difficult for relatively small candidates and funds and traders, as they are usually overlooked for lack of an Information Channel and a PR campaign. This leads to limited access to investor capital and thus narrows their income potential.
Investors are also exposed to many risks, including fraud and corruption from unethical funds and traders. The most rampant cheating behavior is the Ponzi Schemes, where operators generate returns for older investors through revenues paid by new investors, not from legitimate earnings generated from financial trades.
Professional traders are not excluded from fraudulent behavior as there are many cases of fund managers entering the trade just to speed up commissions and fees earned from investors. While fraud and fraud news is broadcast every day in multimedia, it creates fear and hesitation for hard-working investors.
Because investors’ investment choices depend on certain individuals or organizations, are likely to be scammed, earning very low profits. A safe and transparent social trading platform would be the perfect solution that addresses the needs of investors and traders. Kaching will drive a new revolution in the financial industry by increasing the winning ratio in a fraud-free environment. By taking advantage of a shared economy, the majority with limited investment or knowledge capital will be empowered to easily invest in lucrative funds or traders, in a simple, transparent, formal, diverse multi-purpose social trading platform.
Fund managers and traders can easily access various financial market instruments and take advantage of platform management tools. They can have their own trade profiles publicly available and assessed by other participants. This will reduce the risk of fraudulent behavior, but it still strongly integrates potential investors with reputable funds or traders around the world.
Financial academy
Financial literacy is an understanding of how money works. Very important for every individual, and not difficult to learn. However, the majority of people still struggle with debt, low paychecks, or excessive spending in their daily lives.
One of the biggest issues in schools today is the lack of financial education, causing the younger generation to be trapped in an endless loop of working and debt paying. As personal finance is not cut and dried, it largely depends on each individual case; this makes it difficult for mass approach. While financial contexts are being taught widely in specialized finance courses, realistic skills such as basic budgeting, or investing for the future are relatively strange aspects for the majority.
Generating the next successful trader is considered an irreplaceable part of our trading andinvestment ecosystem. Kaching Financial Academy  will  provide  comprehensive, up-to-date financial courses giving our students positive money consciousness and a unique edge to conquer the financial markets. Graduated students will also get the chance to apply for the Kaching internship program, which will grant huge opportunities for novice traders to do apprenticeships at top funds in the world.
Choosing the right broker that is honest, reputable, and well organized is always a problem for traders. It is a fact that large brokerage firms require limited regulation for new clients, which are usually not feasible for most retailers and new retailers. A situation has arisen itself where low-ranking brokers get new arrivals with an impressive array of promotions, bonuses and commissions. Problems then arise related to the price in question, the practice of order execution, and the withdrawal pending; some even manipulate client accounts to prevent them from winning.
All of these problems can be solved if the field is fair and transparent, where the power is spread evenly among the users. Therefore, by making the first Kaching decentralized
broker, the customer can feel the broker services are completely different in many ways:
Fair investment society for all participants
Speedy deposit and withdrawal by using blockchain
Lightning fast order execution
Transaction free when using KAC
Transparent, fraud-free
Readily and friendly customer support
Kaching Crypto Currency Exchange
The tremendous growth pace of Crypto Currency Market has created a huge demand for traders and investors to explore the ‘Crypto Trade Wave’. When an investor is ready to invest in Crypto Currencies, problems arise in many aspects. Someone should be familiar with the different crypto exchange because Crypto Currency is traded on several exchanges. Each exchange has a different interface, as well as strict rules and verification processes that cause frustration for most investors in the early stages. In addition, many large and prestigious Crypto-Exchange stop receiving new clients, because their platforms are overloaded and thereby cause investors to end up with other low-quality exchanges. Another problem is the lack of liquidity; investors may be in a favorable position but will find it difficult to liquidate their digital assets due to the scarcity of other market participants. All things considered, the constraints imposed may negatively impact the overall trade returns of inexperienced private investors.
Without doubt, the exchange is an important part of Growth Crypto Currency Ecosystem and a well-designed and user-friendly service like Kaching will be responsible for the more people who buy and use Crypto Currencies. While other crypto exchanges are overloaded and can not offer clients with the best service, Kaching crypto exchange will be full
operation with this amazing feature:
Low exchange fees
User-friendly, superior customer support
Strong cooperation with top banks in the world, customers can be assured about liquidity when in need of exchanging to fiat currency
Highly secured crypto wallet. Your crypto securities will be stored in a cold wallet to prevent hacking. By implementing smart contracts and technology, we will automate the digital asset  trading  processes,  bypass third  party centralized  institutions,  while  making
investments transparent, simple and secure as they are supposed to be
Banking and Payment System
The payment system is any system used to settle financial transactions through the transfer of monetary value, and includes the institutions, instruments, persons, rules, procedures, standards, and technologies that enable such exchanges (Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 2000).
Our payment system based on Smart Contract innovation plays an important role in KAC circulation
in the ecosystem. Banking and payment systems include:
  • Gateway to deposit and withdraw KAC in the blink of an eye
  • E-wallet to receive, store, and spend KAC
  • Internal transfer
  • Internal exchange
  • Transaction free
  • Highly secured
  • Borderless money transferring
Tournaments and contests
As the saying goes “Exercise makes perfect”, there is no better way to hone your trading skills than to compete with peers and bring home reputations and rewards. Sharing seasonal trade competitions is not only a great money-making opportunity for contestants but also for the audience.
During the competition, contestants can get better in many ways:
• Increase your trading skills to a higher level
• Learn from other traders trading styles
• Receive a gift
• Get fame for their trading profile
• Accept the opportunity to work with prestigious funds worldwide.
“You see, the main reason why Kaching is intrinsically different from most CDs out there is the fact that our ecosystem is built to value tokens.We have a product, we have a platform and we have client base that will use the token on the Social Trade Platform and the entire Ecosystem. We just need to live, and see the token value grow; actually, it’s already evolving! It is inevitable! “- Stephan Roos
Some amazing new platforms! Some / CDs do not even have the right products or services, Kaching offers a whole working ecosystem!” – Ravi Malik
The system works smoothly. I have tested and tried some features. It’s easy to allocate funds, invest or copy traders, even deposits. It’s very user friendly. It will be great! “- Simon Mark
This token brings the true value. I not only can develop my initial investment, but I can also use it to grow my own knowledge about trading and copying other merchants. Innovation and correct use of what can be offered b / ockchain 
-Jimmy Doan
I’ve invested in / CD before, when I saw Kaching presentations and what they’ve provided, I have to be part of the ecosystem.After testing this great platform, I can only imagine how my investment will be grow. I am so excited! “- James Nguyen
Token Standard – Ethereum ERC 20 Token
Token Name – Kaching Coin (KAC)
Decimal – 18**
Number of Token – 247.000.000
Kaching coin (KAC) serves as a mechanism for transferring value in the Kaching Ecosystem. 50% of the total amount of token will be release in the Pre-ICO and ICO Phase.
Total Allocation
Distribution of Funds
Token Distribution Schedule Through ICO
Words alone cannot overemphasized this project,Be part of this great work friends
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