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One of the most talked-about topics in the financial services industry today is blockchain and is the current biggest market disruptor. It was initially designed to facilitate, authorize, and log the transfer of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are digital money that use the blockchain technology to facilitate secure and anonymous transactions. The statistics as of today, show the market cap of crypto currencies at US $502,375,504,565 with block chain technology serving as its back bone. This combination is being further linked to various industries with an anticipation to revolutionize the traditional approach to businesses and reap benefits including cost reduction, faster settlements and increased transparency.


Soundeon is a decentralized music block and multimedia platform built on the Soundeon ecosystem - a protocol for modern media. Soundeon Company is a consortium of block experts, artists, software developers, intellectual property professionals and media leaders who create business in the media industry.
Soundeon helps artists regain control of their work, monetize their talents. Since the music industry is struggling to solve issues related to digital rights management for music and in real time, Soundeon is a step-by-step approach to use.
Block technologies, such as independent independent contracts and unchanging computing technologies, allow Soundeon to create a functional, stable, secure and adaptive environment for solving practical problems in digital media and tickets. This platform covers all aspects of the music industry. From creations and copyrights to resale existing and future contracts for music assets, concert organizations and ticket sales.


View exceptional talents and allow creators to gain more control for their work. The implementation of the Soundeon mission was made possible in connection with the development of a new copyright management solution based on smart contracts, which ensures fairness, transparency and invariance of all operations performed and provides an opportunity for closer communication between artists and fans.

VISION OF Soundeon

Combining the entire experience of the music industry into a complete cycle solution that provides transparency and innovates into the music industry. Creation of an ecosystem in which success depends on the efforts and talent of the creator, in which every artist can fully focus on creativity.
Token Soundeon
The Soundeon-Sounden Token protocol marker is a vital tool used for the economic incentive of platform participants. In particular, the Soundeon token is used to encourage and reward early supporters that enhance the value of the platform.
The technical and economic characteristics of the Soundeon token provide a highly liquid, low-cost form of exchange on the platform. Here are the key scenarios for using the Soundeon token:
Token Soundeon is an auxiliary payment mechanism for the services provided within the platform (Sales of music tokens, Soundeon Exchange, Soundeon Player, Soundeon Tickets), as well as through partner channels that are integrated with the Soundeon environment.
Soundeon tokens guarantee no differences in vortexing.
Soundeon tokens enable micropayments with low transaction costs for more accurate fragmentation, providing higher value to listeners, and establishing a liquidity support mechanism for performers (who can then use the token at other levels of the platform, as well as working with platform partners).
In addition to the Soundeon token on the Soundeon platform, the use of alternative forms of payment is available, namely, leading crypto currencies and fiat currencies.
Sale of music tokens Soundeon
The sale of music tokens is available to registered artists who have passed the KYC procedure and are willing to finance their work, inviting fans and the general public to participate in the creative process.
Token distribution:
65% of the tokens will be used for product development.
14% of the tokens will be given to the founders of the project.
4% of the tokens will be given to early supporters.
6% of the tokens will be given to councillors.
3% will be intended for the pool bounty.
2% reserve Fund.
6% of the tokens will be allocated to charitable programs.
The performer uses the Soundeon platform to create a roadmap Sales of music tokens based on one of the existing templates and standard blocks. The visual designer allows you to set the timeframe, objectives and procedure for financing for each stage of production, as well as the conditions for unlocking the next stage. The entire road map is published as a set of smart contracts.
Tickets Soundeon allow artists to issue tickets and control their distribution using smart contracts.
Visual designer helps to create the program, adding songs that will be performed.
Concert organizers available a separate wallet for different expenses, facilitate the payment of all necessary equipment, etc.
Soundeon reduces the risks associated with the resale of tickets, and will ensure that the artists or rights holders will be to maximize revenues, allowing the audience to buy and sell tickets on the Exchange Soundeon.
Team Soundeon
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