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GrabAMeal network

The buzz about cryptocurrency is increasing, people have heard about it, and more and more people want to find more about it, and find a way to be a part of it. When blockchain technology came, so many things changed, for better, we say. So many businesses have improved, so many companies have started using crypto currencies in their work. The new ideas are coming every day. People want to invest in the new projects. We have the biggest tool in the world, and it is called the Internet. The internet is a enormous base of information where we can do anything. Internet has connected the entire world. One of these projects is GRABAMEAL, whose main goal is to decentralized self-regulated platform for food lovers through the GRABAMEAL Token.

GrabAMeal is the first decentralized food service chain built on the GrabAMeal collaborative collection and trusting process that connects (Sellers) with the guests (Buyer).
The GrabAMeal and Trust Protocols and collaboration platforms are supported by a GrabAMeal utility token called GAM token. The GrabAMeal protocol is an open Ethereum protocol that will use future economic applications developed by a team of experts at GrabAMeal.

This protocol provides GrabAMeal network with three important systems:
1. Payments & Incentives – A secure payment system that allows two authenticated P2P entities to send and receive money held in a GAM token until after successful service exchanges between the two entities.
2. Dispute Resolution – A decentralized audit and monitoring system that resolves user disputes, provides positive incentives to develop auditor networks and negative incentives for incorrect use of dispute resolution systems.

3. Quality & Trust Management – Quality and trust management systems based on the reputation of participants who integrate valid identities, obtained with trusted digital fingerprint protocols on the Ethereum block chain, with ratings determined by transparent and unchanged review and scoring among entities P2P (such as Buyer and Seller).

GrabAMeal intends to launch a global platform to match good food seekers with people willing to serve more freshly prepared and delicious meals. The idea is to find the type of food you want to eat from the choices available within a certain attendance radius. Registered families can receive orders and prepare meals for delivery on time. The delivery mode will evolve over time, but initially, it may be designed to “Take away” or “Dining in” at the place of delivery or to provide the “Home Delivery” option if the seller can provide the service.

The platform will evolve to include many other “logistics” and “supply” partners for the delivery and collection of food and ingredients with their inclusion as a trusted intermediary. Over time, organized food delivery for parties, meetings, meetings and events, should be included in the platform. Delivery of food for lunch at work, school tiffin, etc., can also be included on the platform, since the aggregation model is supported by the “Dark Kitchen” arrangement in various cities. This platform will evolve to continually update and assess participants on the platform using advanced IoT analysis and technology, to ensure perfect future matching in the future.

This white paper describes the GrabAMeal collaboration and Trust platform and the Grabameal Process aimed at bringing transparency and efficiency to the food service economy. We aim to offer transparency into our token metrics and future roadmap development and expansion into some other ecosystem solutions that support the GrabAMeal platform.
This  paper provides details on how GrabAMeal creates and retains value for sellers, buyers, auditors, and other ecosystem players (suppliers and logistics services) in distributed and controlled settings and how our GrabAMeal platform offers distinct advantages over feeding and food delivery models centered there.
Problems facing GramAmeal for buyers.
Food buyers are the backbone of the demand for online food services. Buyers are forced to eat out of limited options at a higher cost and usually do not have a compensation mechanism for quality issues. Lack of information on food, preparation, and servings causes serious distress for buyers globally. Common problems faced by buyers are:
  • Healthy food
  • Transparency
  • High price
  • Dispute resolution
  • Food vendors face many environmental problems in business that cause frequent failures and cessation.
  • Food commission
  • Benefits for quality
  • Understanding customers
  • Value of harvest
But GrabAMeal has a solution to that problem.
  • The market is decentralized to eliminate intermediaries
  • Identity management and reputation rating of participants as a continuous process based on Block Chain
  • Distribution of the value collected from network growth among participants
  • Democratic mechanisms involving participants to resolve conflicts fairly and transparently
  • A set of advanced protocols, GrabaMeal Identification, GrabAMeal Dispute and GrabaMeal Reward, based on AI and MI
The Grab A Meal platform has several features on offer.
  • Allows buyers to order food as needed. This module uses advanced algorithms based on AI and chain-blocks to provide confidence through the reputation and functionality of spore management that is permanently maintained.
  • Third party sellers and suppliers will use platforms for events and promotions. This module will allow users to advertise themselves through the Grab Meal event. Vendors and suppliers will offer new and additional services, share news on social networks, and receive incentives in the process.
  • This platform will create a symbolic GAM account for participants who bid and participate. This module will allow you to redeem the fees received according to the rules.
  • The platform will combine material suppliers and materials preparation, a large list of retailers and qualified experts. Participants will be able to order the ingredients listed in Grab Meal from the most qualified suppliers.
Here are some statistics for the online food delivery segment. However, GrabAMeal is designed to do far more than just pick up from standard restaurants and restaurant restaurants, such as dining in, holding private events and sending food at home. Therefore, projected revenues from takeaway serve as close proxies, but the overall service economy is expected to exceed the projections given below:

  • Delivery in the segment “Takeaway Online / Food Delivery” reached US $ 110 billion in 2017/18.
  • Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2018-2022) of around 17%, generating a market volume of $ 208 Billion by 2022.
  • User penetration is 11% by 2017 and is expected to reach 14% or more by 2022.
  • Average revenue per user (ARPU) is currently US $ 177.51 and is expected to increase to 250 $ by 2022.
GrabAmeal Platform has a very useful benefit for its users.
The GrabAmeal Platform is a peer-to-peer online food sharing platform supported by blockchain.
The platform is a place where people can become food buyers and food vendors as usual on this commercial podium. If you are looking for opportunities, you must be an official GrabAmeal user: before you have to use the GrabAmeal platform.
Blockchain integration ensures trust
GrabAmeal is empowered by blockchain; data ever inserted in block can not be changed. Therefore both buyers and sellers can build trust and origin on transactions, ready and available food, as well as on standard services.
All transactions in this market will be created using GAM token, in a decentralized peer-to-peer network (P2P).
2-way is beneficial for the user
This is a useful business platform sharing. You will be able to use the facilities that are appropriate and affordable by them as they can choose from a list of registered food vendors / food vendors. Before choosing, buyers can check seller ratings for completion of service quality.
Business goes with a simple approach
GrabAmeal runs on three protocols: these are the Identification protocols, gift protocols, and dispute settlements. All business modules run on these three protocols, which are easy to understand and run. Due to the integration of blockchain there is no risk of data forgery.
It’s cost-effective to use the GrabAmeal platform because this platform charges nominal transaction fees from buyers and sellers. Feedback and review mechanisms are a transparent way to grow a business or a seller. For buyers it is a clean and healthy way to get quality food.
Award system
The platform rewards actual stakeholders (sellers and buyers) in the value of the GrabAMeal platform through gift tokens for expansion, participation and promotion. As the platform grows in business volumes and transaction volumes of GAM tokens, members of the GrabAMeal platform will benefit additionally through carefully designed rewards mechanisms.
Market Segment Analysis:
* o Online delivery service that only provides a platform for restaurants that run their own delivery service (eg Shipping Hero)
* o Food ordered online from restaurant delivering their own order through their delivery service
* o Online orders taken at the store
* o Note: the income figure refers to the Value of Gross Goods (GMV)

GrabAMeal is a platform committed to delivering real value to decentralized network participants, where it is time. Early platform users, early sellers and buyers, who sign up and transact on platforms during the beta phase should get the most benefit. It is for this purpose that GrabAMeal will direct interested and capable users in the early stages.
Early adopters will have:
  • Tokens are credited to account at higher quantum for list and for successful transactions
  • Higher rewards for accurate and timely review and rating
Users will be acquired through social media campaign strategies, clearly communicating the value proposition that participates in the food-sharing economy of GrabAMeal. It is thought that aggressive social media campaigns to deliver value where it is because, the trust system and the beta version of the ready business platform will attract a large number of early sellers and buyers. GrabAMeal if it feels the need to be able to adopt a strategy to go to conventional media marketing.
The platform will also use referrals, local campaign participation, and testimonials to provide incentives to the faithful start-up users of the network. It is targeted that this platform will be able to increase the maximum number of users of effort and superior quality, affordability, and trust by the above strategies.
How to coordinate seller mode?
This is a global platform where sellers can include their presence to see food buyers. Professional chefs and other chefs can register their names as sellers. Initially the seller will be verified by the GrabAmeal checklist and the usual KYC process.

Data not forged
The seller will send their profile and the data will be stored in the blockchain. This data can not be destroyed or information will be lost. People from all over the world will recognize the name of the seller and the profile of the activity and the area in which he is interested in supplying his food business.
Verify and trust to build profiles
The GrabAMeal platform will validate each and every seller through a verification and trust process, by applying fully-based online blockchain reviews and feedback mechanisms. GrabAMeal may enable independent audit mechanisms involving third-party volunteers and food experts, who will confirm the seller’s ‘offer’ and also participate in the dispute resolution process established by the GrabAMeal platform.
Smart contract mechanism
The GrabAMeal course aims to uphold trust in the system through an intelligent contract mechanism process for all reviews and ratings provided by users to achieve mutual shared rankings. The system will not allow any modifications of the review and feedback submitted to affect the user’s judgments wrongly, thereby ensuring the delivery of better quality and trusted behavior of all participants.
Single point coordination
Sellers will be closely monitored through the GrabaMeal Identification Protocol process to safeguard the correctness of all reviews, ratings and other activities performed. Sellers will be identified and assessed based on their activity and their interaction with the network.
Professional review system and unbiased
Sellers will be reviewed and assessed as unbiased. The lowest category sellers have an open opportunity to promote themselves as premium sellers, which is definitely an advantage. The GrabAmeal platform will help sellers to build their business identity in a smooth and transparent process.
You can eliminate middle people
The seller can contact the buyer directly and there is no intermediary engagement. This helps in managing cost-effective transactions and a sizeable amount of money. Better gains help sellers to improve their food distribution business on the platform.
Payment is guaranteed
All transactions will be conducted using GAM through the GAM wallet. There is no risk of the delinquent.
Risk identified
  • GrabAMeal’s revenue projections are conservative considering the expected growth in the online food ordering industry. However, the projected income is exposed to risk due to the following unknown conditions: Investment / Financial Risk – This platform relies heavily on fundraising activities in the early period to fund market penetration and expansion into new geography. Since the initial income model is very lean, support from investors is essential for rapid expansion.
  • Market Risk – Competitive pressure from existing aggregators with large tranche of cash from business and investment can hinder growth. Also, some additional players will appear as clones and try to capture the market. There is a possibility of competitive headwinds in case the platform can not develop quickly and take advantage of the initial mover.
  • Risk Regulation – Small sellers, especially home kitchens and small boutique restaurants that form the core of GrabAMeal’s strategy can face regulatory hurdles and challenges in some countries. Application of the platform may be a challenge in some countries.
  • Technology Risk – The business model relies heavily on continuous technological innovation to continue to advance value for participants. Lack of talent for platform development or higher technical innovation costs can lead to a slowdown.
  • Consumer Behavior / Risk – Since this model relies on a large number of buyers who adopt dietary habits for home cooked food, serious problems or rupture of negativity can be very disruptive to business dynamics. The company will require ongoing investments in trust enforcement and reliability mechanisms with minimum or zero violations.
GrabaMeal reserves the right to perform “know your customer” procedures and other types of customer due diligence at any time (including after closing TOKEN SALES). If GrabaMeal finds that GAM token purchase is in violation of this agreement or anti-money laundering, counterterrorism or other regulatory requirements, then the purchase of GAM token under TOKEN SALES shall not apply with retroactive effect and GrabaMeal reserves the right to terminate this agreement immediately with the token buyer , denied access to TOKEN SALE, denied sending GAM token and requested return of any GAM token sent, regardless of any payment you may make.
GAM token buyers may be required to provide certain personal information, including but not limited to, your name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth, personal code, passport, electricity bill, evidence of funding sources, etc. GrameMeal may also require you to answer certain questions or to take certain actions to verify identity or comply with applicable law.
About Token GAM
GAM TOKEN SUPPLY = 2,000,000,000
SOFT CAP = 1,000,000 USD
HARD CAP = 5,000,000 USD

PRE ICO Until 31 May 2018
ICO TOKEN SALE June 1, 2018 to July 18, 2018
STAGE 1 30% to 40%
STAGE 2 20% TO 30%
STAGE 3 10% TO 20%
STAGE 4 5% TO 10%

  • Platform Development costs include all R & D costs, including design and development of smart contracts, cryptographic mechanisms, GrabAMeal platforms, applications and interfaces, SDKs, etc.
  • Marketing costs will be allocated to sellers’ acquisitions and spread awareness about the benefits of the GrabaMeal Platform.
  • Legal costs cover all legal costs associated with GrabAMeal expansion in different countries and in addressing any dispute mechanism.
  • Operating costs include the salaries of all Grabameal employees and expenses incurred for day to day operations.
  • Contingent funds are calculated as 5% of total budget

* TEAM 15%

* LEGAL 5%

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