Sunday 6 May 2018

QUASA Blockchain

QUASA on Blockchain Conference

We had a great road show and participated in numerous conferences and exhibitions, so we can say with certainty that 90% of the stands at all exhibitions blockchain or crypto-currencies are occupied by sellers of equipment for mining. As a rule, another 5% of the total number of stands are projects that can be attributed to crypto-exchange exchanges, funds or services that help to invest in crypto-currencies.
The remaining 5% of stands are distributed among all other participants.
Almost at all the exhibitions in which we recently participated, our project was the only participant in the real economy.
In the market there is a shortage of quality projects from the real economy.
The project QUASA favorably differs from most others.
The organizers themselves offer free participation in their events.
This situation is very useful for us, because people are bored with incomprehensible and often frankly skam projects.
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