Monday 21 May 2018


Help Benchmark to raise US$30m for global sustainability marketplace

“Benchmark sets new standards. We transform lives, protect the environment and generate real value and profits.” 
 Benchmark, a new cryptocurrency entering into the market, will hold its Initial Token Offering (ITO) in May 2018, where it is aiming to raise approx US$30 million. The token, created by fintech experts, academics and business owners, can be used to participate in sustainable development projects worldwide, including a range of projects aimed at supporting developing communities across the globe, with the initial focus in Africa.

Pieter Coetzer, CEO, Investment Banker and one of the founders of Benchmark, said: “We are a genuine business, created for real people and managed by real people, solving real needs using the security of the blockchain and our token. Benchmark will work with entrepreneurs with proven solutions for sustainable development projects to provide funding for their solutions.”
Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the value of Benchmark does not come exclusively from the token itself — but also from the returns the projects invested in bring. Early projects mooted by the Benchmark leadership team include establishing recycling plants in Africa, and setting up new financial institutions designed to reach the unbanked. The presale of the token is currently underway. Investors will gain direct access to projects in Q3 of this year.

The founders intend to create a full suite of blockchain based services, including peer-to-peer lending, payment, insurance, land registration and project management.
Benchmark’s role is to complete due diligence on projects, to test the feasibility of such projects, to put in place an appropriate funding structure and develop a suitable structure for participation by Benchmark Utility Token (BMK) holders. Participation in projects will only be available to the holders of BMK. Every project will be fully evaluated at prospectus level.

Denis Quayle, COO and Founder, said: “Benchmark sets new standards. We transform lives, protect the environment and generate real value and profits. Our tokens offer access to a portfolio of unique projects within the Benchmark ecosystem. Our blockchain based administration of projects provides transparency and our full suite of products makes the process accessible and open for all.”
Unlike many other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Benchmark gives access to projects that are backed by hard assets in real estate, banking and other commercial interests. Benchmark, which is led by a group of experienced, respected and well-known people in the global business community, also offers more transparency than coins that are founded and operated on an exclusively anonymous basis.
While Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies are extremely vulnerable to market volatility and are impacted dramatically by consumer confidence, Benchmark has been designed with liquidity supports that reduce this significantly as a risk factor.
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