Tuesday 8 May 2018

THAT IDM IS Enhancing Security Of Personal Data
Whether we like it or not, our personal data is being uploaded to huge digital databases that are vulnerable to countless threats both technological and human in nature. There have been a number of high-profile data breaches that have caused people and companies to start demanding that things be kept more secure. The question that arises is how.
Apps are collecting a lot of our data and we are often not even aware of what we are willingly handing over to third parties. The way things are now, these apps can get access to information about our political views, religious affiliation, relationship status, friends, education and work experience, and entertainment choices. Since this is all so new, there is very little regulation and few restrictions on what can and cannot be done.
Cloud services are a specific vulnerability. When we upload data to these services, it is safe to say that this information can likely end up being stolen by hackers. What’s more, the services themselves often are willing to hand over information about users to government agencies.
What is clear is that users need to have a proactive approach to protect their data. This can be accomplished in choosing to whom it is given, stored, and even managed. Sometimes things can be as simple as having a strong password. Other times a lot more is needed and that includes data storage solutions that go above and beyond the free and low-cost options that so many people and even businesses are using.
IDM is a company that understands how important secure data storage is. Its post-quantum SIZE technology offers protection that goes above and beyond what is widely available today.
THAT IDM IS ALSO A Blockchain THAT Prevent Data Breaches
Keeping Data secure from breaches is something that a lot of people and businesses are concerned about at a time when there is so much information being digitally uploaded and stored. We are all vulnerable in one way or another. In 2017, 65% of the U.S. population was affected by a major data breach.
Solutions to prevent data breaches are needed now more than ever to keep our valuable information safe. One possible solution comes in the form of blockchain technology. One of the features of blockchain is immutability, which means that once data is entered it cannot be altered. This all provides for decentralization and transparency, a potential solution to hacker attacks as so much is going on in the blockchain that an attack on one node simply isn’t enough to do so much damage.
As mentioned, 2017 was a very active year for data breaches and 2018 is catching up. These are real threats that aren’t just going away. Instead, they are reaching into more of our lives via personal data. Hundreds of thousands of people have had healthcare data compromised this year and this is driving healthcare companies to step up the pace in finding ways to keep their customers and their reputations safe.
Safe data storage is something that is not going to be optional but required in the near future. The consequences of not using it are far too great and the technology that is developing to offer effective solutions is getting stronger by the day. We are learning how to use technology to prevent attacks, but the threats might just be getting stronger with the advent of quantum computing.
IDM is a company that offers post-quantum cloud storage. Its patented SIZE technology is the quintessence of protection and can keep individuals and businesses alike safe from data theft and loss.
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