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LICERIO — the platform where brand is advertised by customers by reposting advertising materials in social networks and as a reward they can get a discount for an item of goods/services equivalent to the number of collected likes. The platform is based on influence marketing principle and its ecosystem is based on Blockchain technology with its own cryptocurrency — LCR Token. LICERIO platform allows reducing advertiser`s expenses to 5% and reliably involving customers into his business what will give the opportunity for growth for small and medium-sized businesses throughout the world.
LICERIO is a platform where brand is advertised by customers by reposting advertising materials in social networks and as a reward they can get a discount for an item of goods/services equivalent to the number of collected likes. The system is based on Blockchain technology with its own cryptographic LCR Token.
LICERIO will reduce advertiser`s costs to 5% and will provide guaranteed customers.
Advertiser creates an advertising campaign that has settings for his own target audience. When creating his advertising campaign, he specifies what amount of tokens he is ready to spend.
According to the exchange rate of LCR token, the platform calculates what number of likes and views advertiser will get.
Besides that, the advertiser specifies maximum possible discount as well as cost of one “like” for his customers.
A potential customer is reposting advertising materials into social networks. The platform collects accumulated “likes”, avoiding any ways of cheating.
According to the amount of collected “likes” and the cost of one “like” set by advertiser, the system calculates discount size for customers as well as converts “likes” into tokens of which system`s commission fee will be written off.


Key features of LICERIO platform
•Quick advertising campaign development
•Reduction of labour and time costs
•Ease of use and availability
•Global coverage
•Operating costs and commission charges reduction
•Free marketing tools
•Customers` acquisition guarantee

Benefits of the LICERIO platform

Here is a short list of key features of the LICERIO platform
  • Development of a quick ad campaign
  • Reduction of labor and time costs
  • Ease of use and availability
  • Global coverage
  • Operating costs and commission cost reductions
  • Free marketing tools
  • Guaranteed customer acquisition

Platform economy

LICERIO platform will charge a commission fee for each customer attracted for a brand. Commission rate may vary from 5% to 10% depending on methods used for attracting the customer. For example, if a brand has indicated the display of advertising materials on partner websites, then the commission rate will be 7.5% and if a brand has also used services of an advertising agency or a freelancer, then the commission rate will be 10% and in case a brand has independently adjusted its advertising campaign, then the commission rate will be 5%. LICERIO takes 5% from the total amount of commission fee to maintain its operating activity and high quality of provided services, the rest amount of commission fee is distributed among webmasters, advertising agencies and freelancer.

Market Issues

-The tendency of inflated prices of advertising spots on the Internet.
Regardless of their quality and traffic, the owners of web resources try to recover costs for website maintenance and development by selling advertising space at fabulous prices. It is nearly always explained not by greediness and dishonesty of a website owner but by the lack of basic knowledge in economy. Today one should take into account that advertising will be efficient if the profit from traffic conversion is three times higher than the cost of advertising. Today the cost of advertising at many famous websites doesn`t meet this requirement.
  • Falsification of indicators
  • There are special “clicker” programs that can automatically follow your ad links, thus, ruining your budget and you don't get new clients.
  • Ad blocking programs
  • If such programs as AdBlocker are installed on user`s computer, then your ad won't be displayed to him.
  • Working with opinion leaders
You have ordered advertising from an opinion leader, spent your money, but didn't get new clients and it is because blogger`s audience is not your target one and his account has probably been exposed to different ways of advertising cheats. During the process of research, 145 advertisers placing their advertisements in the Internet as well as other media have been surveyed. The nature of the reasons that inhibit the growth of Internet advertising market is mostly based in the lack of customers confidence in the reliability of Internet deals:
*The lack of confidence of potential customers in ecommerce due to the lack of complete and reliable information about it;
*Fear of not getting the item of goods that has been paid in advance;
*The lack of system of payments development;
*Fear of credit cards fraud;
*Concerns related to the unauthorized use of personal data;
*Practically total lack of legal coverage of the activity.

Market Analysis

Future belongs to social networks. Brands interact with social networks community more and more often.
With the development of the Internet, new types of advertisement have appeared that are available not only for the audience of your region or your country but throughout the whole world. Online advertising is very efficient. Being placed in a smart way with all the peculiarities of the Internet taken into account, advertising materials can get dozens of thousands views in a day.
Nowadays, it is commonly known that social networks are a powerful tool of brands and customers interaction.
Research shows that only for the last year the number of users of social networks has increased by 13% worldwide. At the beginning of 2018 the number of potential consumers has reached 3.196 billion people which is 42% from the total number of global population. The growth of social networks popularity is determined by the convenience of their use as they allow people not only communicating with each other outside local boundaries but also offer them content exchange and sharing.
The main benefit of social networking platforms is a broad coverage. More than three billion people in the whole world use social networks not less than once a month with 90% of social networks users are using mobile devices for that.
Brands are investing more money into advertising for their interaction with the audience, however, it doesn`t appear to be so convenient because of the large fragmentation of mass media content.
In 2017 the volume of global advertising market in social networks amounted U. S. $43.78 billion. And at the beginning of 2018 the revenue of this segment of the market already reached U. S. $51.304 billion. At the same time it is known that the average return is U. S. $17.24 per user.
Experts predict that these values will increase by 10.5% by 2022 resulting in market volume reaching more than U. S. $76 billion.
A great number of marketing managers establish contacts with customers using services of opinion leaders; however, such policy puzzles consumers more and more and due to large-scale involvement of such collaborations consumers tend to trust the recommendations of their acquaintances more.
One-third of respondents actively reacts to ads reposting made by their friends.
Making a research of this phenomenon attention should be drawn to the audience behavior. A private message that contains an ad received “from a friend” attracts attention of not less than 33% of surveyed what increases the efficiency of advertising by 13%. The number of “likes” in posts also has a good influence on the reaction of consumers as it is associated with information relevance and popularity. These are advertising integrations via acquaintances that have the strongest public response among potential customers.
Information that is transferred via social networks has a format that is different from the standard type of advertisement as users themselves spread the information, therefore, advertising material is transferred by itself by means of buzz marketing and doesn`t require any effort to be made on the side of advertiser. When posted content systematically gets a big number of “likes” or “reposts”, the flow of new customers continuously increases without any additional expenses on advertising and information that is obtained this way immediately takes the form of recommendation and the level of confidence in it is accordingly higher.

What is it created for?

Now creating a smart advertising campaign and getting a long-waited customer is a really big deal. Advertisers spend up to 50% of their advertising budget for covering banks and payment systems commission fees, expenses for rewarding advertising agencies and CPA networks, advertising platforms and services.
  • Banks and payment systems
  • Commission rate is 3 - 5% from the amount of payment
  • Advertising agencies and CPA networks
  • The amount of reward is 15 - 25%
  • Advertising platforms and services
  • The amount of reward is 5 - 15%
LICERIO will reduce advertiser`s costs to 5% and will provide guaranteed customers.
The platform will give new opportunities for Internet-marketing.
The platform can easily interact with online shops via widgets as well as with real business segments by using mobile applications for customers and advertisers. Besides that, the platform is available for webmasters who want to monetize their web-sites` traffic, offering their customers service of our advertisers. Webmasters get rewards from the commission fee paid by advertisers for their customers.

Product Review

Issues with Internet advertising and business development have inspired us to create LICERIO that is a platform where brand is advertised by customers and which ecosystem is based on Blockchain technology with its own cryptocurrency
LCR Token, what will allow reducing operating costs, improving brand interaction with customers and what will make the platform transparent for all its users.

Blockchain tehnology in

Cashback & loyalty
Global cashback service with LICERIO. Users receive bonuses in the form of tokens by purchase of goods from our partners. The system forms a single bonus wallet, customers can share bonuses with friends, exchange for a discount in any affiliate store.

Powerful marketing tool

Decentralized contests
One winner. Hundred new customers.
Contests in social networks - this is a great way to tell about yourself a huge audience of users. Decentralized system will make the contests transparent, the client will receive an award, and the brand will increase awareness and trust among customers.

Brands and Customers Interaction

Brand creates an advertising campaign and customers are reposting advertising materials in social networks. Brand has a broader coverage with its advertising materials and guaranteed customers and customers get discounts from the brand equivalent to the number of collected “likes”. In order to provide a discount for its customers, brand should specify the amount of provided services in “LICERIO Ad” mobile application and customer should scan QR-code from brand's device with the help of “LICERIO Client” mobile app. The size of a discount that the customer should get will be indicated by brand's mobile application (brand can adjust the size of a possible maximum discount in its profile). Customer's purchase and name are logged into advertiser's CRM and the number of “likes” that is equivalent to the size of customer's discount expires

Brand and agency interactions

Brands can interact with freelancers or agencies that will customize their advertising campaigns and create good quality creatives (copywriting, charts, etc.) and agencies will get a share of the cost of the brand commission as a reward. Brands can find an executor on a special web page within the system. Agents are listed on as per their rating but one can also pay for premium placement.
Each agency has a fully automated portfolio of ad campaigns created. The brand chooses an executor and as soon as the executor has it confirms its application, a brand advertising campaign is available in the agent’s profile and the linked account will be displayed on a brand profile whose permissions can be set or shut down in total.

CRM & analytics

Automate the collection of data for your customers and make a portrait of the target audience.
A modern and professional system of customer accounting and analytics will help you create the right advertising campaign for your target audience. The system contains templates and prompts, which will greatly facilitate the work.


Get customers who are located within the range of 800 meters from your point of sales. Customer starts LICERIO mobile application. At “Discounts beside you” tab a map displaying advertisers who are connected to the platform will open. The farther customers is from an advertiser, the larger discount he will get when he comes to a point of sales.
First of all, this feature will be useful to advertisers that are located at such places where there is no big customer traffic. This discount won`t be added to the discount that customer will get by reposting advertising materials.

Distribution of tokens

LCR tokens will be compatible with ERC20 standard. 5% from the total amount of tokens will be released for partners and consultants (they will be released upon the completion of all phases of token sale), 10% will be saved for the bounty program, 15% of tokens will be released for the team of the platform and the rest 70% will be released for sale. The total number of released tokens will be equal to 100.000.000 LCR.


START DATE : April 25, 2018, 12:00 GMT
ENDDATE: May15, 2018,12:00 GMT
Private sale token exchange rate : 1 ETH = 8000 LCR
Minimum investment amount : 10 ETH / 80.000 LCR
Maximum investment amount: Without limitation
Investment methods : ETH, BTC
BONUSES : 100%


START DATE : May 28, 2018, 12:00 GMT
END DATE : June 10, 2018, 12:00 GMT
PRE-ICO token exchange rate : 1 ETH = 6000 LCR
Minimum investment amount : 25 ETH / 150000 LCR
Maximum investment amount : Without limitation
Investment methods : ETH, BTC

First phase of token sale

START DATE : July 10, 2018, 12:00 GMT
END DATE : July 29, 2018, 12:00 GMT
PRE-ICO token exchange rate : 1 ETH = 4000 LCR
Minimum investment amount : 0.1 ETH / 400LCR
Maximum investment amount : Without limitation
Investment methods : ETH, BTC

Second phase of token sale

START DATE : September 1, 2018, 12:00 GMT
END DATE : September 21, 2018, 12:00 GMT
PRE-ICO token exchange rate: 1 ETH = 4000 LCR
Minimum investment amount : 0.1 ETH / 400 LCR
Maximum investment amount : Without limitation
Investment methods : ETH, BTC

Licerio Roadmap


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