Thursday 17 May 2018

Crypto Space Commander

Crypto Space Commander
Crypto Space Commander is being developed by an established, AAA game studio with experience in top-tier game IPs and blockchain technology. CSC’s economy is built on Ethereum with responsive, real-time gameplay achieved via our custom oracle. Our dApp oracle provides two-way synchronization with the Ethereum blockchain and a modern game server. Play on the web with Metamask or a mobile device/PC with our native app. No new tech to build, no token currency – we use ETH as CSC’s universal currency.
Why You Should Choose CSC?
A Rich Etherverse
Tired of shallow dApp games? So are we! That's why CSC – designed and developed by game industry veterans – is built from the best parts of traditional and blockchain gaming.
Blockchain Economy
Game items in the Etherverse are created utilizing an enhanced NFT (ERC-721) or FT (ERC-20) standard. This provides independent ownership and trading of all assets in the game world.
Gaming Reimagined
CSC provides a canvas where the developers and community will be working hand-in-hand to create the economic engine of the universe – and profit from it.
Crafting 2.0
Grind, craft, and profit! Our next-gen crafting system built on the Ethereum blockchain allows creators to convert the grinding of resources and crafting in-game assets into ETH & residual payments.
CSC is still in development by Lucent Sight, a legit, AAA software development company out of California. Their roadmap starts the alpha/testnet this June, beta/mainnet in August and full release in December. Ships are currently available for purchase on their website; included with each pre-sale purchase is an invitation to alpha test. At the time of writing this, prices of available ships range from 0.045 to 0.75 Eth (roughly $30 — $500 USD).
If interested in joining the CSC community, follow this link to the enlistment page. It is completely free to join, all you need is a verifiable email address and the public address of your Ethereum wallet (from Metamask for example).
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