Tuesday, 26 June 2018


Blockchain can give the power back to the people and can change the way we live. Before the end of the last year we started seeing a great resistance from the governments and systems to regulate one of it’s applications which is “Crypto-Currencies” and even seize it but fortunately no one can stop something coming from the future as it will exist anyway, especially when it provided a solution to the pain of transfer of funds.
According to my grandma’s opinion Blockchain is about the transfer of digital assets between individuals, and tokens are used in money laundry and other evil deeds. While my cousin who is a young accountant sees that Blockchain will make revolution in critical industries such as Fintech which will affect everything else. Both opinions can be valid and lacks a lot of depth, as both are talking about 2 applications of this awesome technology. In fact, blockchain will have infinite applications and can allow people manifest their own future without a need to a “Third party” or “Big Brother”, so we need to make sure that correct choice is being made when investing in an ICO as this is seen one of the most important applications of Blockchain , a direct solution to “crowd-funding”. People can now invest in ideas that they believe in, ideas which can make life better, ideas that can fix real pain, conscious ones that really helps humanity in a world ran by corporates, that is why we participated in Bizavest

What is Bizavest?
Bizavest is an AI driven data analytics platform that aims to provide Business Intelligence that is affordable, effective, smart and secure, and as easy to use as a social media account.
Our system is driven by Artificial Intelligence coupled with natural skill and expertise of man. Our aim is to strike a sustainable and effective balance between man and machine, where they work together to provide true data that is at once effective, valuable and affordable.
Our mission is to create a platform where data and information for business intelligence, process and management is available for small to large corporations globally. The era of paying over the bar for information that will lead to business success and sustainability is over.
With Bizavest, we are launching the next generation project for getting useful data and insight at next to nothing.
Why Bizavest?
We have created applications with capabilities to drive intelligence as well as generate survey and intelligent reports for specific business and industries with the aid of a network of "ordinary internet users" who will be tasked with specified duties that will run the network itself.
What is Bizacoin Token?
Bizacoin is a self-managing peer-to-peer data driven system built on Ethereum an open-source blockchain platform. Bizacoin Token is an electronic currency similar to Ether in that it is a store of value.
The token also forms the backing for financial transactions for acquiring data and getting paid for providing data over the Bizavest Platform.
Bizacoin is intended to have a one-time limited supply of 100,000,000 Tokens. These tokens will form the basis of transaction on the Bizavest Platform 
Symbol: Bizc
Name: Bizavest Analytics Platform
Token name: Bizacoin
Blockchain Platform: ETHEREUM BLOCKCHAIN
Decimal places: 0
Total supply: 100,000,000
For token sale, only 41.5% (41,500,000 Bizcoin tokens) will be released into circulation for the first two years of system deployment. This is to create a value system for the token.
Softcap: $ 1 500 000 USD
Hardcap: $ 15 000 000 USD
     Pre-ICO : 12. JUNE. 2018 - 12. JULY. 2018| Price : 1 BIZC = $0.15 USD
   ICO Phase I: 30. JULY. 2018 - 12. AUGUST. 2018| Price : 1 BIZC = $0.25 USD
ICO Phase II: 13. AUGUST. 2018 - 10. SEPTEMBER. 2018| Price : 1 BIZC = $0.40 USD
Bizacoin is listed on an Exchange!!!
You can purchase Bizacoin ( $BIZC ) at a discount on ForkDelta Now available on ForkDelta right now.
For more information please visit:
 Bitcointalk profile link:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1925101
DISCLAIMER:This post was brought to you by Opeyemi being my personal project on Bizavest campaign project

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