Tuesday 5 June 2018


We live in the world where the Internet and social networks have become an integral part of our daily life. According to research data,more than 70% of customers are searching for new goods and services in the Internet and these are social networks that have become the main source of business development.Social networks community numbers 3 billion users and world`s advertising budget is U. S.$77 billion and with each year this number is increasing.But now creating a smart advertising campaign and getting a long-waited client is a really big deal;advertisers spend 50% of their advertising budget for paying VAT, covering bank charges as well as for covering expenses of paying for marketing managers` job and don`t cover all their expenses in all cases.Besides that, there are issues related to high competition,incompetent advertising campaign adjustment and ad-blocking software programs as well.
Swace came to the world as a response to problems we identified in current social media solutions — both for advertisers and consumers. We saw that social media advertising is inefficient. The main emotion it arouses in users was not the wish to engage with the brand, but rather annoyance at the abundant ads everywhere. Brands invest a lot of money and effort into social media campaigns and the results they see are next to zero!
So when we had the idea to start Swace and revolutionize user/brand engagement, we turned to the market to see what solutions were already available. We wanted to see especially applications with a focus similar to ours: social gaming and/or rewards.
We compared Swace to such well-known products as Pokemon GO and Swarm, recent successful arrivals like Indahash and others. The criteria we looked at were whether the app uses blockchain technology, whether it offers tokens and rewards, and whether it has the types of gamification Swace offers. We learned that not all needs were currently answered in any one product.
Next, we wished to see if the potential consumers were aware of the problems we had identified and saw our suggested solution as desirable. And so, we ran a focus group with participants aged 20–23. These were young people of the type we envisioned Swacers to be: modern, sociable, open to innovation and challenges, with an active lifestyle, a smart device or two, and accounts on all larger social networks.
We asked them how they used the social networks, whether or not they enjoyed them, and what they thought of the idea of a new network offering the features we had in mind for Swace.
9 out of 10 expressed interest in such an app, 6 going as far as to state that they “would definitely play, especially if some of my favorite brands were involved”. They were particularly excited to see games with prizes from their favorite sneaker and clothing brands (no wonder!) — and were also interested in healthy lifestyle challenges (including team sports). Only one out of ten had reservations: such an app would only be interesting if the challenges were updated regularly and not repetitive. Others agreed it was very important to keep the challenges varied and exciting.
Everyone felt that the social networks available now were fine, but had some frustrating features: most felt manipulated and exploited by the larger networks. They felt they were being used for advertising, and not heard or valued for the content they generated.
Save the date
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These responses boded well for Swace, as our intention is definitely to keep the games fresh and constantly change things up. And of course, the main idea of Swace is to change the nature of user/brand interaction, so that instead of treating people like statistics and alienating them, the brands can offer genuine fun and become a welcome part of the consumers’ day. With this optimistic knowledge, we were all set to continue developing Swace. If you’re curious how that worked out, stay tuned or head on over to our website to look at our whitepaper and roadmap!
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