Monday 18 June 2018


Blockchain can give the power back to the people and can change the way we live. Before the end of the last year we started seeing a great resistance from the governments and systems to regulate one of it’s applications which is “Crypto-Currencies” and even seize it but fortunately no one can stop something coming from the future as it will exist anyway, especially when it provided a solution to the pain of transfer of funds.
According to my grandma’s opinion Blockchain is about the transfer of digital assets between individuals, and tokens are used in money laundry and other evil deeds. While my cousin who is a young accountant sees that Blockchain will make revolution in critical industries such as Fintech which will affect everything else. Both opinions can be valid and lacks a lot of depth, as both are talking about 2 applications of this awesome technology. In fact, blockchain will have infinite applications and can allow people manifest their own future without a need to a “Third party” or “Big Brother”, so we need to make sure that correct choice is being made when investing in an ICO as this is seen one of the most important applications of Blockchain , a direct solution to “crowd-funding”. People can now invest in ideas that they believe in, ideas which can make life better, ideas that can fix real pain, conscious ones that really helps humanity in a world ran by corporates, that is why we participated in HUSSY
HUSSY is a distributed escorting and due diligence infrastructure. The value proposition is to create a platform and to provide incentives for sex workers around the globe for safe execution of their profession.
Sex work is widely known as the oldest profession in the world. It’s one of the industries that regardless of global politics and economics is able to withstand the ever-changing and evolving societies which its immersed in. It is expected that this industry employs approximately 40–42 million workers worldwide while generating global revenue of $186 billion annually. Around 1 in 5 men have ever ordered a prostitute. Despite the size of the sex work market, current regulatory efforts from governments are inefficient for safe execution of this profession.
The ramifications of legal status, moral marginalization and discrimination against sex workers continues to be a global problem, with many states leaving them without protection and support, often leading to compromising or even life threatening situations. Human trafficking and spreading of STDs are one of the most serious problems in this industry. The most important human rights and health organizations (such as WHO, UNAIDS or Amnesty International) believe the issue of sex worker human rights is of greatest importance, including those related to freedom of speech, travel, immigration, work, marriage, parenthood, insurance, health insurance, and housing.
However, the problem is not limited only to sex workers — the clients are in many cases left without consumer protection and might even become victims of false rape accusations.
The sex work industry is often overlooked by digital innovators and is currently dominated by shady ventures that do not exert enough influence to move the industry in a particular direction. As a result, the sex work market is fragmented and consists of several small to medium-sized platforms operating mostly only on a regional level.
The root cause of most problems associated with sex work lies in a social stigma toward the participants, leading to a contradicting discrepancy between the need for privacy and trustworthiness.
HUSSY intends to release the public ICO sale date after the personal sale ends.
Public token sold 50 million HUS
Personal sale 10 million token HUS
Treasury reserves 21 million UAH.
Bounty program of 3 million
a member of Team HUS and an advisor of 13 million HUS
Early adaptation of 3 million HUS
Details from token
Receive - ETH
Model ERC-20
Hard cap 30 000 000 US dollars
Soft cover 3 000 000 US dollars
Tokens provide 100,000 HUS
Tokens for sale 60 000 000 HUS
For more information on HUSSY :
Bitcointalk profile link:;u=1925101
ETH address:0x5B606c2F10687e77dc7Fe644E429320C6a39Df63
DISCLAIMER:This post was brought to you by Opeyemi being my personal project on Hussy campaign project

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