Sunday 3 June 2018


Helex Corporation is registered in the Republic of Seychelles with a competent team which possesses vast experiences in managing investment funds as well as asset management and legal compliance.
The Corporation is registered in an offshore jurisdiction to protect the identity of our clients and to avoid high taxes. We are able to offer our investors up to 51% of our profit for each client that they bring, because we pay zero taxes
We offer services that are exclusive to us because we are highly connected to local agencies all over the world which in turn gives us access to a large range of goods and services, irrespective of location. We connect the world of cryptocurrencies with the real world in a personalized and professional way. Helex token which is built on Ethereum network can be used to pay for services like the purchases of real estate properties as well as luxury cars anywhere in the world.
With our Corporate head o ces situated in Dubai and Europe, we will be opening new offices in different countries as shown on our roadmap
This luxpaper outlines the company’s business model, roadmap and all the information about the services we offer.
Helex Corporation thanks all investors for their help to achieve all the goals that the company has and is committed to continue improving our services.


Helex token is a cryptocurrency that we have built to be used as a payment method for all the services we offer. It is built inside the ethereum blockchain, a secure and decentralized platform that allows payments between users around the world.

Helex token will be added in exchanges in Q2 2018, where all users can buy and exchange, we will also add additional benefits for founder, diamond and gold investors who hold their tokens, below we detail all the information of our token.

Token Name: Helex Token
Symbol: HLX
Decimals: 1
Total Supply: 5 million units
Supply Style: deflationary
Contract address: 0x9A00D6564945681018619Fc8957C798c2Bc7C9Fc

~Helex token is listed in exchanges.
~Service New ethereum token start.
~We launch mobile membership card for founder, diamond and gold investor.
~Service New offshore company start.
~Clients can buy properties with cryptocurrencies in Europe, Dubai and all UAE , Caymand islands, Canada, India and Brazil.
~Clients can buy luxury cars in Dubai ( all UAE ) and Europe with cryptocurrencies.
~Elite Service start.
~Service Diamonds start.
~We launch corporate app for iphone and android.
~We open head corporate office in Dubai and Europe. We redesign and add other corporate website.
~We do full market analysis to add new services.
~We add more staff to the executive and operational team.
~Service Private islands start.
~We accept new business partners. Clients can buy properties with cryptocurrencies in Qatar and Bahrain.
~Clients can buy properties with cryptocurrencies in Seychelles and Russia.
~Helex token is listed in more exchanges.
~We open corporate office in Cayman islands.
~We open more corporate offices in Europe.
~Clients can buy properties with cryptocurrencies in Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central america, South america, South paciffic and Unites states.
~Service Rent your property start.

~We redesigned corporate websites.
~We redesigned mobile app.
~Clients can buy properties with cryptocurrencies in Australia and New Zealand.
~We apply for a financial license in offshore jurisdiction.
~Service New Citizenship start.
~Helex token is listed in more exchanges.
~We open corporate o ce in Panama.
~We open corporate o ce in Seychelles.
~We open corporate o ce in Africa.
~We open corporate office in Japan.
~We add more staff to the executive and operational team.
~We made a study for the future expansion.


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DISCLAIMER:This post was brought to you by Opeyemi being my personal project on Helex campaign project

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