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Doctor smart

Quality health care should be available to everyone, the difficulty lies in communication”.

Dmitry Khan, Doctor Smart Strategic Advisor got involved in the healthcare industry in 2009 when he became a managing partner at Rostock Biotech. At the time, the fund was supporting ambitious research projects aimed at developing an anti-aging pill, curing diabetes and cancer, and fighting neurodegenerative diseases. While looking for profitable investment opportunities, Rostock Biotech declared a broader mission — they only invested in ideas that, if successful, would change the world. In 2017, Dmitry Khan joined Doctor Smart as a Strategic Advisor. He believes that everyone should be entitled to high-quality health care, and telehealth can help achieve that.
April 17 2018, Dmitry Khan at #WBFDUBAI
There is a massive amount of medical knowledge and numerous technologies available to us. It’s not just qualified doctors and early diagnostics, but the analysis of medical data — datasets consisting of hundreds of thousands cases can be used to help detect early signs of diseases, and to build predictive models for detailed analysis and focused research.
These solutions could create an opportunity for the vast majority of people to get quality health care and to avoid serious health problems. However, very few consumers know that such services are available, many don’t even realize they exist.
The culprit is poor communication, lack of awareness in healthcare.
Today, the scope and means of access to knowledge and technology in healthcare is primarily determined by economic factors. Next comes patient awareness. For example, antibiotics can save lives in some cases, but unrestricted use may result in antibiotic resistance causing just about any bacteria to become a dangerous threat.
The same applies to preventive care — only a small number of people undergo annual health checkups. How do you explain that every healthy person should get regular checkups in order to identify early signs of health issues? It is very difficult to change people’s minds and to convince them that health care doesn’t have to be expensive, hard to get, and focused on treating already-diagnosed problems.
Many healthcare consumers rely on the government. In some countries it works. For example, Iceland’s government launched a large-scale whole-genome sequencing program. In Russia, the government covers physical examinations for almost everyone.
However, there’s much more to health and wellness than what physicals can reveal, such as mental and emotional health, among other things. That’s why I believe that everyone should take care of their well-being rather than rely blindly on the government or some third parties.
Doctor Smart wants to let people be in charge of their own health, keeping track and making conscious choices.
Telemedicine provides an excellent opportunity to bring down the costs of healthcare services, making them affordable for nearly everyone. Soon, it will be robots and neural networks who process most consumer requests, and, as a result, such intelligent services will cost significantly less than conventional doctor visits. Patients will have 24/7 access to broad medical knowledge and relevant health and wellness advice through applications.

Preventive medicine is the future of healthcare

The Doctor Smart platform is designed to bring together doctors and patients. It is also an ecosystem for implementing new solutions and technologies.

Let’s imagine a near future where patients can not only reach doctors online, but also order their individual prescriptions from a pharmacy using the same application. They will receive containers with personalized medication. Such patients will be guaranteed that there are no contraindications and no dangerous interactions with other current medications.
Even so, what is going to dominate the future of healthcare, in my opinion, is preventive medicine. The industry will focus on collecting personal health data — for example, through apps like the one mentioned above. Users will become aware of the risk of certain diseases and any individual predispositions. This will help them take better care of themselves in order to keep health risks at bay, with focus on environment, lifestyle and personalized therapy.
Annual health checkups are going to be replaced by automatic continuous online monitoring of hundreds of health parameters, with daily recommendations on physical activity, nutrition and supplements.
If you ask me, the first thing I would do is take a look at my health data analysis, such as my blood test results. I would check for any deviations and see what could have caused them, and I would like to compare the values with the statistics for Moscow, for example, to understand why some of them are higher or lower than normal.
I consider myself an early adopter of technology — I like to use the latest technology available. For example, I did a DNA test. It didn’t reveal any serious conditions or unusual markers. So, all I got was some information that, to my regret, is still hardly useful today. Even whole-genome sequencing is practically useless today, because the human genome consists of repetitive DNA elements. There are no guarantees that isolating and editing a specific region of your genome will cure your allergy or another disease. But the research continues, and this type of information may become useful in the future. Looking ahead, I hope to see life extension technologies, such as tissue and organ replacement, become part of everyday life.

Launching an ICO is the next logical step

These are very early days for the ICO market. It’s a brand new area — businesses tokenize, and it’s not just fundraising, it’s equity distribution. It’s about distributing revenues, distributing product or service value among the participants. Even traditional securities offer fewer advantages than tokens. Securities are better regulated, but trust me, the ICO market is developing so fast that in just a couple of years it will become self-regulated, well-balanced, and low-risk. It will then be easy to avoid scams, and to evaluate and distinguish between projects.

It makes sense that many businesses have been recently rescheduling their ICOs to launch token sales in later stages of their startup lifecycle. Once the project is live and has its own user base, it becomes easier to promote an ICO and attract more funds for continued business development.
As a rule, investors use three criteria for evaluating a project:
  • What product or service is offered? Do people need it?
  • How scalable is it?
  • How does it benefit from blockchain technology?
Doctor Smart has positive answers to these three questions. Health is important to every human being. The potential audience size for Doctor Smart is 7 billion people, the entire world population — I know from experience that, starting a new project, very few can even imagine the scale it might achieve and the ways in which it will transform as it develops.
I consider Doctor Smart a scalable project — it can expand into international markets. There are country-specific regulations to consider, of course, and we’ll pay special attention to that. We can’t predict regulatory changes — some countries may allow all kinds of specialists to consult online, while some other geographies would only have fitness training tips and psychological advice.
Like any other project, Doctor Smart doesn’t have to use blockchain. However, this technology offers more opportunities — additional services, better insurance mechanisms, and a higher degree of security.
In healthcare, data security is a major concern. Therefore, Doctor Smart will strongly benefit from using a private blockchain.
We will need to find a balanced solution with regard to access for external specialists — doctors might be allowed to access only certain parts of patient records, not the full medical history. Blockchain technology can make the handling of patient data significantly easier.
April 17, #WBFDUBAI 2018,
The crypto community is eager to see technology make the world a better place. Doctor Smart is created to help people stay healthy. This makes me believe that the crypto community will support this project.
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