Monday 4 June 2018



All gambling games are built on some database.
There are 2 types of gambling games:
✅Non-Blockchain (Central Database) Gambling.
✅Blockchain Gambling (Decentralised).
Non-Blockchain (Centralised) Gambling📍
This is your standard type of gambling game.
It works the same as an exchange service actually.
You send your ETH to the game owners. They record your ETH balance in their own database. You see it as some numbers in your own account.
Now you’re at their mercy!
Blockchain Gambling (Decentralised)📍
So there are no accounts. You never send your funds to any 3rd parties. There is no internal database guarded by some anonymous site owners.
Instead, you play directly from your own (local), personal, Ethereum wallet.
There is no trust involved. You always control your funds!

We all know that the house always wins💲.
That’s why people build casinos in the first place, right? It’s all about making a profit in the long run, while the customer gets to enjoy himself and win big sometimes. Over time, however, the casino is always sure to make a profit and gamblers have grown to accept this👨‍💻.
Problems arise, however, with the lack of transparency that is prone to online casinos. If the gambler cannot be sure that the casino is indeed playing by the rules, he may not want to enter the game at all. However, blockchain has made it possible for gambling platforms to prove that they are indeed honest💎.
As we can see, crypto currencies and their underlying technology, the Blockchain, are changing the very fabric of online gambling💻.
This affinity can be partially explained by human nature. Blockchain tech has come as a highly disruptive solution to problems that are inherent to many online systems in our society and economy💵. In the gambling industry, these problems were heavily felt and crypto currencies came just in time to modify the system.
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